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Married Student Housing

William Said:

What is "married student housing"?

We Answered:

Depends on university.
Usually in order to qualify you must be MARRIED and one of you must be a student. They are small apartments, usually one BR.

Willard Said:

i want to know if theres any housing help for married student with kids?

We Answered:

Most 4-yr universities/colleges offer family housing and it can be paid for with financial aid (similar to room and board) if you qualify. There is government help with rent (government low-income housing; section 8); however, some counties stipulate that anyone over the age of 16 must be working full-time in order to qualify... even if you're students. It may be worth looking into because obviously I don't know your job situation. Plus, the wait list can be several years' long in some areas... so, student housing may be your best option.

Howard Said:

looking for housing Daytona Florida, married student?

We Answered:

Try Craigslist.

Glen Said:

What is married student housing like at most colleges?

We Answered:

In my experience, it is definitely not anything plush or luxurious. It provides the basics - affordable housing. I am not sure about the pets, but I would suspect that if the housing is provided by the university, you would be under the same rules as the dorms, which means "no pets". But, your best bet is to call the school and ask to speak to someone in the on-campus housing department. They can provide you with all the information you need for your particular university.

Renee Said:

What is a good college for married student and not to expensive...?

We Answered:

My husband was married and finished school in Tyler Texas, at TEXAS COLLEGE. They offered him great financial aid and worked with them.

This was his first marriage of course and several years ago but i'm sure they offer even better plans now.

Good Luck and congratulations on the marriage and working to finish school!

Pearl Said:

What is BYU married student housing like? Is it weird to live in the dorm with your hubby/wife?

We Answered:

actually I've spent alot of time near the BYU campus and the housing looks excellent - Orem/Provo area is very nice - and I get there quite often and enjoy it

George Said:

Are there any public colleges or universities in MN, that offer married student housing ON CAMPUS?

We Answered:

Almost all schools have some married housing. You may have to call up admissions and ask

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