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Willie Said:

This this Ironic? Olympic torch relay?

We Answered:

This is very ironic, the Olympics were meant to spread peace, but they are stressing all country relations. Whether we like it or not, the Olympics have become a very politcial affair. Countries don't want to acknowledge the ideas of others, one country suspects another of making nuclear weapons, the list goes on. It seems as though the Olympic committee purposely chooses nations that are the center of international disputes to try and push these issues aside so we may all united. However, this does not work. It failed in Moscow (1980), and it will fail again.

Erik Said:

Is Australia really a racist country?

We Answered:

Y.E.S! Ridiculously racist! They are a joke here in the US!

Thomas Said:

swine flu now official in NZ test results back?

We Answered:

dont worry, chances are you wont get it. jsut make sure you wash your hands whenever you get the chance, that dettol hand wash no-water-needed stuff is really good, and doctors have reccomended people use things like that frequently if they are in an area where there has been reported cases or are worried.

there isnt, at this satge, need to wear those masks in public, not in NZ anyway. but jsut try to stay clean, dont eat too much from restaurants, cafes, takeaway places etc jsut incase. dont worry, youll be fine.

Howard Said:

When John McCain Was 20 Years Old. Can you relate ?

We Answered:

I was sweet sixteen that year....oh how i remember everything you had on your question.
we had a coal heater, no running water, but we did have electric and TV. There were 11 of us kids and we had the best life. we may have not had lots of money but we had great Christmas's and play with each other all kids don't play out side together.
and dinner was at 6 PM with everyone sitting at the table.

Phyllis Said:

Australia? Still safe?

We Answered:

yeah it definitely depends on the suburb you live in.. thats pretty unlucky getting broken into 4 times though!!

I know a lot of stuff happens such as shootings but its usually gang or drug related... if you stay out of that kind of stuff its not very likely. that guy that got shot in the leg the otehr day through his front door.. well the people that shot him were looking for his son.. and the police are pretty sure it was drug related.. and no matter where you are people involved in that stuff will be violent! as for drive bys.... im pretty sure you are safe from that. they are usually all planned as well...
I live in Adelaide.. and yeah its small.. and no we arent as bad as u think!! but I still lock my doors... I lock my car doors when Im driving... purely to be on the safe side. and id do this no matter where I lived! I dont believe its getting any more dangerous. just always keep an eye out and be safe i guess!

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