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Minnesota Student Housing

Chad Said:

Where do sophomore transfer students live at the University of Minnesota?

We Answered:

You should contact university housing your questions and concerns are legitimate./

Willie Said:

English to Japanese translation please?

We Answered:


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I used google translate, please check it

Ruben Said:

What sites are best for finding apartments or houses for rent close to the U of MN?

We Answered:

I have narrowed down your search to colleges in the MN, but you can pick the specific university that you are looking for. Make sure to check out the community videos as well as taking advantage of their great sorting feature. Hopefully you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Good luck!…

Willard Said:

Im a college student living in the basement of a house. It is freaking cold. How do I heat a room efficiently.?

We Answered:

Maybe you can go buy a heating blanket and wear a beanie while ur down there. It should keep you warm. 75% of our heat is let out of our heads.

Eva Said:

What's the best way to become a host for a foreign exchange student?

We Answered:

I was a single Mom with a 13 year old hosting an Italian exchange student. What a lot of people don't realize is that they're all in your city together, so there was like 50 "kids" who all end up at one house or another(even though they have been placed in different homes,they almost always want to spend the night together) I personally welcomed them crashing here because my guy was only 15. But when you do this you have to realize they llive differently and you have to kind of respect that. Like in Italy they don't eat until like 10:00 pm then they go out, then they go out for coffee and get home around 4:00 But it was SO worth it, I love my Nicola, and Fabrizio, and AnnaNicola (the pretty one) And keep in touch with them, so yes do it It will be really rewarding but also be prepared for lots of driving and please be patient! Here's an ad for foriegn exchange in your area

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