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Montreal Student Housing

Tara Said:

should I join army reserves for part time?

We Answered:

It truly is an excellent idea to join, you will be amazed at how much you will learn and how much you will grow as a person. You will work one weeknight a week and one weekend per month. Your parents cant do anything about you joining if your 18.

it is a great way to get through university without any concern of being sent to war. In the reserves the only was they can send you ANYWHERE is if you volunteer to go, you can never be forced into it in the reserves. the worst that can happen to you is something minour like falling when your running or something like that. There is no contract that you sign saying you have to stay in for any amount of time so really any time you want to leave you can. also your only required to work about once per month.

Another reason to join is the tremendous amount of public respect you get from almost anybody you meet.

All put together its a great part time job and there is nothing else like it. after a while you will love putting on the uniform and you will take extreme pride in your job and what you represent. I wish you the best of luck.

Julie Said:

Moving to Quebec, but need some housing answers?

We Answered:

Hard to say... but I think you'll live poorly with only 13500$ per year.

Ste-Adèle is a small village, and at my knowledge, there are no local or commuter public transportation except probably a daily long-distance bus to go to Montreal. Having no car in such a place will be a bug.

I dont know how much could cost such a room in Ste-Adèle, but you may pay between 250$ to 500$ per month. You could rent a "studio" (1 room apartment) or simply a "chambre" (room in another people's house, which is cheaper).

This village is in a very touristic region, so you must verify closely how much it cost to live there. I recommend you look in Montreal newspaper's classifieds for rooms for rent.

50$ per week for grocery seems correct. Add a little less than 100$ per month for electricity, heating and warm water. Cold water is free. Unlimited high speed internet, if available in that village, would be about 50$ per month, or about 30$ if you take a limited broadband plan (no mp3 and avi downloads).

With such a salary, you'll pay probably very low income taxes. However there is a fixed 13% tax on about everything.

I don't know what kind of job you've been offered, but at 10$ per hour, it's near what we call "minimum-salary". Many people live with such a salary, but they live as "low profile", depending of your education, I think you can get a better salary somewhere else.

Sara Said:

How many Academic subjects do you need to get admission in the Bachelor of Commerce In Concordia University?

We Answered:

Hi, I'm Brian, a former student from Concordia who actually now works there too.

To respond to your question, every program has their own specific requirements for admissions. It does state on the requirements page for the International Business program ( that although you should have all five, if you have a strong enough academic record then it might compensate for not having completed all the required courses. Keep in mind that all applicants from Alberta shoulda have 5 grade 12 academic subjects, including English and the program prerequisites (which includes the math courses listed off in the requirements)

I'd suggest that you go ahead and contact the John Molson School Of Business and get in touch with them to find out what is needed and you can explain your situation to them too. The link for that is here:

As for housing, Concordia offers on-campus living arrangements on the two campuses. Hingston Hall and the Jesuit residences are over at Loyola (the more "traditional"-looking campus), with the Jesuit one being more of a private residence for more school-minded individuals. The Grey Nuns facility located on the Sir George Williams campus, right in the heart of downtown. You can check out here for more info:
If you check up on Facebook the university established a new group called Concordia University Future Students. It’s a great place to learn about our university and connect with other students.
Hope that helps!

Jaime Said:

What's up with Montreal nightlife?

We Answered:

Montreal has a great nightlifeas it is one of the more liberal cities in Canada. On St. Lauren there are clubs and lounges on both sides of street and in the summer they spill out into the patios on the street level. Crescent is also good place for pubs and bars.

Fernando Said:

What's up with Montreal's nightlife?

We Answered:

Montreal has an amazing clubbing scene. In fact, McGill was rated the #1 party school in North America by Playboy magazine!
You'll find plenty of both clubbing and house parties. I'd say more clubbing, but you'll also find lots of house parties to go to. You might even be invited to peoples' cottages for all-weekend-long parties.
Kind of hard to recommend a specific club. Everyone has their preferences. There's lots right around the University, plus check out Crescent St., which is known as club central, and just walk along Saint-Catherine's Street.

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