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Msu Student Housing

Johnny Said:

can anyone help me with this loan stuff?

We Answered:

the only way to get the check to come to you is to get a loan that is not a student loan.
All student loans go to the school first, hence the name of the loan.
but you should get the money by the first month of school (about 2 weeks after classes start).
You could get a job this summer, save up, and then it won't be an issue to wait a month for your refund check.

Dean Said:

I got pulled over and got a OWI < 21 zero tolerance. Do I need a layer?

We Answered:

Man, I gotta be honest. Go to court on your own and tell the judge exactly what you just wrote - you made a major mistake, one that you've already learned from and you'll never do it again. Ask the judge for forgiveness and mercy and you accept full responsibilty for your actions. Tell the judge you are in college and working.

Tell the judge you UNDERSTAND that all crimes deserve consequences and you are willing to do community service and work this off, but you ask for total dismissal so you can have a good start and low fines.

Seriously, be humble and be willing to work hard to get this settled.

I live in a conservative community where people actually do time - like a month or so for this stuff.

Best regards

Sir, please don't listen to the above poster. You were not under the legal limit - there is a zero tolerance policy - and you were above that.

Honestly, if you want to impression the Court, start some community service now - prior to being ordered.

I wish you well - I can tell you are serious. This isn't a laughing matter.

Maxine Said:

A few questions about college?

We Answered:

The smart thing to do would be to go the community college route for a year or two - probably not more. Employers will look at where you graduate from more than where you start, and community college for a year or two will save a lot of money even aside from the fact that you are working toward in-state tuition.

There is a risk in doing this though. If you become complacent and end up graduating from CC, you will have closed off a lot of options. This route will require a lot of motivation to reapply mid-degree.

That is unless you can get into Vanderbilt, then it's likely worth the extra money.

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