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New Student Housing

Nathan Said:

College Student, moving into new house, furniture ideas?!?!?!?

We Answered:

You can get cheap furniture from discount stores, thrift stores, yard sales, dumpster diving (some college students do it!) etc.

Or you can make furniture. Of course there is the classic board and cinder block bookcase. If you are pretty handy, you can get some plans to make a piece of furniture, and buy the wood to build it yourself. If not, you can buy DIY furniture from places like IKEA where you have to assemble it yourself, which is not so bad for a table but can get tedious for something with a lot of drawers.

Samantha Said:

Delgado Community College New Orleans, student housing?

We Answered:

Oh they live all over the city. I live in New Orleans, Born and raised here.

Raymond Said:

Im my new student rented house, none of the bathrooms have doors, is this legal?

We Answered:

If it's ensuite then it's legal, your bedroom is your own personal space and no one has any reason to need to go in there without your permission first. Therefore it won't affect your privacy rights as your bedroom door will be concidered enough to satisfy renting laws. This is something you should have sorted before agreeing to move in when you first viewed the property. You can buy folding doors cheaply from most DIY stores such as B&Q or homebase, it would come out of your pocket though.

Jesus Said:

Housing (3-4 months) for student in New Jersey?

We Answered:

hi there,only a link but as all the apartments...
scroll all the way down..…

regards pops..

Jacob Said:

student housing near UCF?

We Answered:

2635 College Knight CT
Orlando, FL 32826

here is where you can find a place to live in ucf, just ask other people to find out what they know about that area;;

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