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New York City Student Housing

Misty Said:

i hate new york city...?

We Answered:

College bound new yorker- I have no idea why these people are giving you such crap about wanting to leave this city to experience something else. You in college will be one of the most accepting people within the community and it will be great for you to experience something outside of what you've grown up in.

I understand where you are coming from- and this is the thing- there is nothing you can do to change your high school experience except to accept and appreciate it and show others in life what it has taught you. You will for sure be grateful later in life it.

Also, and this sucks, but really think about where you go to college because it's an amazing opportunity to experience something outside of what you're used to and outside of your comfort zone. There are not many chances in life to start something new as easily as college. This sucks, and I am just realizing it , so def do something you want to. You have a head start on a lot of the people out there , I'm sure you'll do great.

Marsha Said:

Living in NY city for a few months-any ideas for less expensive housing?

We Answered:

Check you university housing office for roommates wanted, depending on where you go there may be an alumni chapter here.
Check out craigslist for roommates or sublets. Look in the outer boroughs, the commute will give you reading time anyway. Depending on how long you will be here it might be hard to get a short term lease so look for unique situations. There are rooming houses available on a monthly or weekly basis that might work for you.

Don Said:

Community College in New York City?

We Answered:

dont look in Manhattan, that's for sure!

go to
they have a very handy feature that lets you choose your price range, and what area you want (Brooklyn, Queens, etc.)

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