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Newcastle Student Housing

Kent Said:

Which city should I choose in Australia?

We Answered:

Well if I had my choice of what you have listed I would choose:

1. Newcastle - it is about 2 hours north of Sydney and less busy than the cities. However you are still close enough to go Sydney for major events (music, sports etc) if you are into that sort of thing. Newcastle has a great night life for someone of your age. I had many friends go to Newcastle University and they loved it.

Weather - Is is pleasant as it is on the coastal region. It is still cold in the winter, but you won't get snow or anyhting like that, and Newcastle have great beaches too for summer
Natural disasters: Very little, Newcastle has only had 1 major disaster in my life time and that was an earthquake.
Racism - Not a huge issue, you will probably find people are not racist but have little exposure to those of other cultures, but they are a friendly community in Newcastle so you should be fine.
House robbery, drugs, car theft - I think that you have your good and bad suburbs everywhere, you just need to do your reasearch as to the better areas. But overall is ok
How important is having a car in Australia? - Newcastle has a pretty average public transport system so you will find that a car is pretty much a requirement. HOwever our petrol is not really very cheap. At the moment we pay $1.25 a litre
Car driving and insurance and buying or renting a car: The major insurers in NSW are NRMA (or Insurance Australia Group), AAMI, and CGU to name a few. As far as buying a car, you might be best to use a car buying service as most car dealers are not very honest and are likely to take advantage of you, I have listed below someone I know who can help with that.
Renting my own place or living on campus - Either is fine.
What should I watch out for and beware from - nothing that you wouldn't anywhere else. Check out the DFAT website for info about Australia
How to act and what to say and not to say - well I couldn't give you a lesson in this in one day. Just be yourself.
You will make friends, mostly people make friends through already knowing someone. Make at least one friend at Universtity and then they will introduce you around.
I have also attached the website for Newcastle City Council for more info on the area.
Good luck, and safe travelling.

Melanie Said:

Which city should I choose in Australia?

We Answered:


I used to be an international student from South East Asia in Australia. I will try to help you abit...

In regards to the course that you want to apply for... depending on your previous education background. MBA is basically for ppl who are not educated in business area (eg. engineers or musicians). However they may setting up their own business or getting a higher promotions in managerial level and suddenly realised that they need to know more in regards to handling the business/organisations. Most of the activities in the MBA class are exchanging ideas and experiences from the fellow classmates. That's why one of the entry requirement is minimum 2years work experience in managerial level.

The other Masters program that you have been offered a place or already applied for are specialisation courses and will benefit you most if you have business education background already, as they are to "Deepen your knowledge".

From the 4 countries you mentioned, Australia is most likely have the lowest cost of living, and probably the lowest tuition fee as well.

Living cost... Sydney has the highest living cost, followed by Melbourne & Brisbane, then Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle and Wollongong the lowest. I'm sure that the website from each uni has the info abt the living cost and the city itself for international students.

Natural disaster in all Australia at the moment is the water crisis.

If you want a city with warm weather all year around, then your best choice will be Darwin, which has only one uni, Charles Darwin University ( Even Brisbane can sometimes has it's own cooler days (25C) during winter.

Racism... It exist everywhere. However I certainly do not feel it. I have to say that I was treated worse in my country of origin than in Australia for sure. I speak English with an accent but I feel like I've been living here all my life.

Criminal... not too bad. Every city in the world has the same problem with drugs, car theft and robbery, but this is the comparison: If there's a grandma who's handbag got stolen, it becomes a big news headlines for the whole state. In some countries, it barely make it for a small article in a local newspaper.

Stores: Hmmmm... some international students felt that Australia is quiet and boring, and this is from the students who lives in Sydney, the biggest city in Australia. Shops mainly close at 5pm during weekdays, 9pm on Fridays and 6pm on weekends. There are some restaurants that open until 3am on Fridays. Not many businesses open for 24hrs.
There are only 39 universities in Australia, therefore the quality and recognition of their graduates are equal from wherever university you are studying from. The most important thing is you have to READ the course information carefully, since some courses may have the same name but different content.

Car driving: different states has slightly different regulations due to different driving condition (eg. there's hook-turn rule in the city of Melbourne). You might still be able to drive using international driving licence. The cars are right-hand steering (like most Asian steering side).

Accent: no worries.... Australians are built by immigrants so accents are part of Australian life.

What consider rude: Don't ask abt salary, age, sickness and (for women) weight, unless you are very-very-very close to them.

Cars: Most cities in Australia got pretty good public transport, although Melbourne is the best. Cars are not too expensive to buy, but quite expensive to register, maintain, park (especially in big cities) and petrol with prices of petrol abt AUD1.20/ltr.

Rent or dorm: That's really entirely up to you. Are you a kind of person who do not mind to share places with lots of ppl, or you are the kind of person who need your own space?

I'm living in Melbourne and this is what you're going to find in Melbourne:
1. First of all... some people do not like the weather in Melbourne (you can have 4 seasons in one day). However, if you read the first weblink from The Age newspaper, you will find out that the weather is still more preferable than the other cities. Sure you can have 42C day in summer, but almost immediately you'll get a much cooler weather pretty soon afterwards. It is very rarely that you got 2 or 3 consecutive days of hot weathers (unlike Sydney, Brisbane or Perth). Winter in Melbourne will be abt 3C-4C in the morning and 13C-15C in the afternoon.
2. Melbourne is a city of diversity. If you are a newcomer, and you do not look 'Anglo-Saxon', you do not feel like an 'alien', since you can find almost every race in the world walking in the city. They are both immigrants and overseas students.
3. THE FOOD!! Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Thai, All-you-can-eat, African, Lebanese, Mexican, Sea Food... anything else? All available and lots of them in a very-very-very affordable price
4. Pretty good public transport system. With one ticket, you can switch from train, tram and bus. They do not always come on-time, but still reliable and improving ( Good for students, since not all can afford car.
5. SHOPPING!!! Original branded clothing sold very cheap. There are even shopping tour, where the participants are taken to retails outlets just for shopping. Big temptations for ladies.
6. Crime rates... just read the second article on the bottom.
7. Night Life... hmmmm... I'll say the centre of nite activities will be Crown Casino and Docklands. Altho there are still plenty of cafe's and clubs scattered around the suburbs as well.
8. Tourist attraction. This is the area that I think Sydney is better than Melbourne, since it has most of it's attraction within its suburbs. Most Melbourne attraction are pretty much out of Melbourne, such as the gold mines in the cities of Bendigo and Ballarat, The Great Ocean Road, Lakes Entrance, Grampians, skiing in Mt. Buller etc.

Hope this helps. E-mail me at if you have any further queries abt Australia. Good luck on your studies :)

Pearl Said:

Which city should I choose in Australia?

We Answered:

firstly, sydney probably has the best universities, but, brisbane is the best to live (slight bias because i live in brisbane :) ). the answers that i am giving apply to brisbane and i've tried to be concise and to the point.

the weather in brisbane is sub-tropical - hot humid summers and mild dry winters. right now it is may (autumn) and it is still pretty hot during the day and it doesn't really get colder than 17 degrees Celsius in winter, and that's generally during the early morning as well. i've lived in brisbane all my life and when it rains it is usually a storm, or a few days of mild/medium rainfall. i wouldn't worry too much about rain though because we are currently experiencing a very bad drought. i can't remember any natural disasters. again i think brisbane is better in terms of racism. i read the sydney newspapers occasionally and they seem to be more "racist." the race riots also occurred in cronulla which is in the sydney area. i live in one of the "bad" suburbs and we have never been broken into. in fact, i think most people in australia aren't too worried about crime and being robbed. pollution is not an issue as brisbane only has 1 million people. there are bugger all 24hr stores in brisbane at least, but i think that is more a sydney and melbourne thing. beaches being open 24 hrs? i don't really understand that question as all beaches are public to the best of my knowledge. as for having a car, depends on where you are and how far away the uni is to your accommodation. the public transport here is adequate but by no means excellent. currently in brisbane, more and more people are using public transport, but more buses and trains aren't being produced so lots of people get left behind. you could get buy with public transport, but it all depends on what uni you go to and where in the city you live. petrol prices aren't cheap, definitely not 0.2AUD! we drive on the left so i guess if you already have an open license it wouldn't be an issue. if you buy a car, only buy one that has a safety certificate. however, i'm not the best for information on insurance, driving and renting/buying a car. most unis don't actually have on sight accommodation, and if they do it is expensive. most unis have a website where students can advertise for flatmates etc so i think it would be cheaper to rent (again brisbane is cheaper than sydney for house prices and rent). BEWARE OF DROP BEARS! the american accent could be a problem, but not a big one. the worst is that someone could call you a seppo which is slang for american. australia is very similar to other places so what would be considered rude elsewhere is most probably considered rude here.


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