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Niagara Student Housing

Dorothy Said:

im hosting a foreign exchange student in august for a year?

We Answered:

All of those things seem so wonderful! Help her out with her English if she needs it, ask her to teach you lots of stuff in Spanish too! Mexican Spanish is different from Spain the Spanish you learned *might* be slightly different. But you will be ok. Having an exchange student is SO much fun! I hosted a student from Japan for two weeks and I went to Japan for two weeks! Ask about the Mexican holidays. It might be fun to celebrate and learn about the traditions. Also, celebrate and teach her about American Holidays. You and her will learn so much from each other. It will be a rewarding experience!

Sara Said:

PARENTS how would you punish your daughter?

We Answered:

1st I'd remember that I was young once too...I made many mistakes, but in the end all of them turned out to be some sort of life lesson... She messed up, and as we know in the world when we mess up we do have to clean up our messes, so have her pay for the ticket, have a chat about how you would have liked her to handle the situation for future references, and need to cancel a trip...goodness i would hate to see her punishment if she "really" did something bad.

Tyler Said:

World's longest Yahoo! Answers question - - advice need about whether to go on a trip or not to see my grandma

We Answered:

grandparents are cool. they've learned so much about life. alot of times, we young folk look at our older family members and ask ourselves: "WTF???" in pure amazement, as we would NEVER put up with that crap. but, the older i get, the more i can understand why individuals make and live with their own decisions. the choice is hers.

i'm sure grandma wouldn't oppose to meeting you at Nigara Falls, and would be very happy to see you. at least this way, you are able to send the message to Uncle Dave, that you do not appreciate his behavior, without putting grandma in the middle. the last thing you want to do in this situation is hurt your grandma in any in my opinion, it's best that you continue to do things maturely and respectfully - and meet her there.

good luck!

Ron Said:

Aviation Aphorisms.. ?

We Answered:

sorry dear so boring

Toni Said:

Overprotective Mother?

We Answered:

I agree that your college classes are more important than a vacation at Niagara Falls (which you have done many times.) Has your Mom ever been to college? You need to explain how important these classes are. 25% is a big deal for your grades. And you did ask if the presentation could be moved.

Don't let her guilt you by saying they will cancel their vacation because you can't go. You are an adult and old enough to stay home alone. She has to let you grow up. You are being a responsible student. Your Mom just doesn't get it.

I'm on your side in this situation. If she cancels the vacation, don't feel it is your fault at all.

I just read what you added -- that your stepdad will be home also. Have you had any kind of problems with him? That could be the reason.

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