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Ny Student Housing

Walter Said:

wheres a good place to live near or in albany ny as a student?

We Answered:

I am familiar with the College of St. Rose but not with the area. Contact the housing office of the school and local real estate agents./

Eva Said:

Student Housing near ny baruch college in nyc?

We Answered:

This may be of help if no one else replies.

Good luck.

While Baruch College does not provide housing, students may want to contact Educational Housing Services, a non-profit organization, for information on affordable dormitories and housing options in the New York City area.

Lydia Said:

I want to become a student housing landlord, how do I go about it?

We Answered:

There's no way to calculate how much it would cost without knowing the purchase price of the properties you want to buy. You buy the property, you rent it out. This is how you should calculate your "cash-flow"

(Rent amount)
x .75 (75%)
(gross rent)
- (mortgage pmt)
(net cashflow)

You use 75% because you need to account for maintenance costs and vacancy factors

Alicia Said:

Housing in NY for students?

We Answered:

Try YMCA, YWCA, International Student Centre or International House ( the most convient one)...Just type the names in google.
Additionally, here is the website with some addresses for long term staying…
Good luck!

Rosemary Said:

where is it safe for an american student to live besides paris ?

We Answered:

I would suggest you join the "France community" at

You should be able to find expat Americans who have been there done that. Here's the link:…

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