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Nyc Student Housing

Edith Said:

Affordable housing in nyc for student ?

We Answered:

Students do not qualify for any housing programs.

Talk to the school, that is your best bet. But you are in fantasy land if you think you can rent something with all utilities for that much, it will be at least twice that.

Katherine Said:

Are there any affordable student housing in Manhattan, NYC? Is it advisable to stay in a hostel?

We Answered:

Try, they have a map and info of hostels in Manhattan.

Ramon Said:

Where can i find chaep student housing in NYC?

We Answered:

Well, you won't find any in Manhattan, unless you're planning on getting a room. Other than that, you will have to consider looking into the outer boroughs.

Good luck

Kenneth Said:

Colleges in NYC with student housing?

We Answered:

Columbia, NYU, Fordham and St. John's University. All these colleges have students housing either on campus or off. Contact the college's housing department.

Good Luck

I hope this information was very helpful. Good luck

Christina Said:

Are student housing rooms a lot cheaper then just renting a room privately in nyc?

We Answered:

Housing is a big decision to make, and make sure you think it through before committing. There is this great website for finding affordable rooms/apartments:
If you get lucky, you might find a great deal there, but you have to move fast, good apartments/rooms go in one day...
And if you want to study, student housing is not exactly the best place :-)
If you get a room somewhere, you will feel that that's "your own place" - and trust me, it's a great feeling.. And doesn't have to cost you extra money.
If you have any specific questions, feel free to email :)

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