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Nyu Student Housing

Frances Said:

NYU Student looking for housing, whats the word on Harlem?

We Answered:

Not safe and not that close..Harlem is too far north from NYU. Queens is also too far north from it too.
I would check out Brooklyn..technically it is over the river from Manhattan and right across from downtown where NYU is. The subway wouldn't be that long.probably 5-10 minutes. New Jersey may be another bet though. It is south like Brooklyn and not far from downtown Manhattan (where NYU is)

Jaime Said:

Do any one know if NYU guarantee housing for undergraduate students for all four years?

We Answered:

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: Sometimes this housing isn't optimally located. It might be across the city from you. Luckily, the subways are very convenient and relatively inexpensive, so you can always get to class.

Lester Said:

Does anyone know where I can find relatively inexpensive student housing near NYU?

We Answered:

Try Craig's list and the Village Voice. Certainly the university itself must have a newspaper with classifieds, or places where like-minded students can find others with apartments or roommates.…

Regina Said:

Whats the housing situation at schools like NYU or Columbia, or any of the good business grad schools?

We Answered:

At NYU, graduate student housing is not guaranteed. It ranges from $12,290-$15,120 to live in Palladium which is an undergraduate dorm or you can live in Stuyvesant Town which is an apartment complex which is affiliated with but not owned by NYU. I have heard that it costs quite a bit of money to live there though, in the ballpark of $20,000. You can get your own apartment in NYC for the year and pay less than that and the Off Campus Housing Office can help you find one. Refer to the link below.

If you are looking for a sense of community amongst the students than NYU is not the school for you, especially if you are going to be a grad student. People have their own friends and do their own thing pretty much at NYU, especially grad students.

Eddie Said:

Who knows about Graduate housing at NYU? Wait list?

We Answered:

Hey there. I've lived in NYU housing for four years as an undergrad and now in grad school. The wait list isn't that bad. I've done it before. Sometimes you don't get housing until after classes have started, which can be a pain, but usually you get housing before then. I like living on campus and will be an RA next year. Let me know if you have any other questions and welcome to nyu...

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