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Off Campus Student Housing

Javier Said:

student loan for off-campus housing?

We Answered:

Living off campus in eastern Massachusetts is cheaper than dormitory costs? You must be planning to have several roommates. I live in central MA and living on one's own is seldom cheaper than dorm living. But, that's not what you asked, yes, you may request a student loan for off-campus living expenses. That said, federal, state, and private loans almost inevitably are payable for you to the college and the college negotiates the check, applies the amount against any outstanding charges (probably why you didn't see a refund last year, although if you were due one, you need to ask, the school is only allowed to hold them for so long before the excess funds are returned) before you get a refund. Depending on when your school disburses these funds (pays them against your account) you may not have the money at the start of the school year.

Ethel Said:

Will my student loans cover off campus housing?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Sally Said:

Is it a good idea for a college student to use a student loan to pay for off campus housing?

We Answered:


Well.. yes and no.. If he is getting Financial Aid or Grants that will cover his on campus housing then he should keep it.

If he is having to Pay out of pocket for these then he should move off campus wher it si less expensive.

But in figuring this I hope he is counting things like Utilities and hook up fees for cable and phone, any deposits for electric and so on.. Utility companies tend to be kind of rough on College kids.. ALso transportation costs of not living right on campus.. and if he had a meal plan on campus.. then he will need to buy food and also have pots and pans and kitchen stuff off campus he did not have to have before...

Finally Laundry.... Dorms have laundry facilities.. He needs to plan for those costs and getting to an from a place to wash clothes or paying for utilities to wash th em in his own rental if it has a washer etc...
Also check added costs for parking on campus as well.. he may have to pay for parking if he does not live on campus or pay more.

FINALLY.... he should be certain that he is Allowed to live off campus..

Some schools do not allow Freshman /Sophmores to live off campus unless with family or other special things like they are married etc...

I wish him well.. but he better watch those loans... they will add up in a hurry!

Good Luck

Manuel Said:

I was just approved for off campus student housing??

We Answered:

More than likely it was a combination of fair credit (not necessarily bad), plus the fact that you do not have actual rental experience. This is normal procedure for first time renters.

Enjoy your new apartment!

Tony Said:

Can i use student loans for off-campus housing?

We Answered:

Yes, you can, but you will likely need a co-signer for the housing.

Robin Said:

by law, how long do I have to cancel a student off campus housing plan?

We Answered:

It's a contract. The law in your case is what the contract says. Read the contracts terms and conditions. There's your answer.

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More than likely it was a combination of fair credit (not necessarily bad), plus the fact that you do not have actual rental experience. This is normal procedure for first time renters.

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