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Ottawa Student Housing

Roger Said:


We Answered:

I heard its a great place too! im actually planning on applying there.Its good because its right beside downtown so alot of stuff to do :) and i heard the teachers are amazing. My friends from ottawa so she tells me about it. Btw could you tell me what grade 12 courses you took to get into your program ????????because my friend wants to go into law as well. Me and her are both in grade 11

Frederick Said:

Coming from Canada University System to UK. What the system is, how it works, etc?

We Answered:


It is true that UK students who have finished school with A-Levels can apply for an undergraduate medicine course such as the MBBS. Entry to these courses at London's five medical schools is highly competitve.

Here's Queen Mary, University of London's entry requirements for Canadian students:
"Students must have achieved an average of 85 per cent (A) or higher in their High School Diploma, including a minimum grade B in English. Students must also have taken at least 3 Advanced Placement (AP) examinations and achieve grades of 5, 5, 4 or higher. Two of these subjects must be Biology and Chemistry. High School Qualifications without Advance Placement exams are not currently accepted."

My advice would be to research potential medicine related undergraduate courses in the UK. You can search all of London's courses here:

Alternatively you could consider a Student Exchange Program via your own university. You need at least 24 credits by February 28, 2011 to study abroad this year:…

I would also recommend speaking to your international office as they will be able to provide you with your full range of options:

Hope that helps a little and good luck,

Maxine Said:

Grade 8 Valedictorian Speech?

We Answered:

You did an amazing job, congrats on being chosen for valedictorian! this is very heart warming and is a good example of what a good speech from a young adult is. To be honest i think it could use a bit of humor and maybe talk about how the favorite times of the whole graduating class more than your Personal favorites.

Good luck and have fun at your graduation. C:

Colleen Said:

How to evict a sublet Tenant?

We Answered:

Living in Ontario I believe the the 60 days still applies. But, on the other hand their name is not on the lease so technically they don't even live there. You're probably really fed up and don't want to wait the 60 days but I would do it just to be careful. Like you said, you don't want the law involved. I am pretty sure it still applies whether they have a lease with you or not. Because even typical month to month apartments where the landlord doesn't make you sign a lease 60 days is still required.

Best of luck!

Nelson Said:

Is this a good student resume?

We Answered:

Way, way too long.

Serah Regnier

**** McCarthy rd., Telephone: (613)***-****
Ottawa, Ontario Email: *****.*******
(Postal code)

Quick learner with good people skills and positive attitude seeking part-time job

Professional Experience

January 2010 Hunt-club and Riverside service centre.
Homework club. Assisted students in grade 1-8 3:30 – 5:30 pm, Tuesday – Thursday

February-June 2009 Hunt-club and Riverside Community Centre
Friday night youth zone: supervised children ages 10 – 13.from 6:30 – 8 pm.


09/10 – Present ********** High School,
Ottawa Carleton District
School Board.

Music: French horn, trumpet, drums, guitars

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Pulau Pari said:

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