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Oxford Student Housing

Naomi Said:

Help on my NIGHTMARE tenancy agreement!?

We Answered:

My best suggestion would be to stay for the remainder of the time even though you're landlord is a scamming slumlord type. In the event that it could possibly come out in his favor you would be screwed and get a bad rental reference. I do suggest that you be extremely careful while renting because hes probably the sort to charge for every nail hole in the wall. I was ruled in favor during a similar circumstance and the judge gave me a date to be moved by and have my keys turned in but when I went to deliver the managers were unfindable and neither was the maintenance man. We returned to court on the next week so we could finish up the paper work and got a new judge who changed the verdict in the owners favor because I got the keys to them that night and not at 9am. I now owe several thousand to the B@$#@%&$

Troy Said:

I've got one eyebrow that is bigger than the other?

We Answered:

Next time try someone who has done someone you know so you can check out her work fist. Be very clear what you want, tell her to leave more than she thinks and then she can take more if you want, that way you don't wind up with freak eyebrows again. Tell her about your last mishap so she understands your shyness. I am a cosmetologist and while in school I had to allow someone else to wax my brows, she left me with a HUGE bald spot right in the middle of my right brow, I was soooo mad. Good thing I wasn't doing hers, I'd have left her with only 1 brow! Tip, when penciling them in, use light feather like strokes, to simulate real hair, don't use one continuous stroke, looks fake and tacky. Good luck.

Clifton Said:

i've got one eyebrow that is bigger than the other?

We Answered:

to me nope, wel not 2 do with eyebrows, but my sister when she was about 15 , decided to immac her unwantd her on her eyebrows, and ended up taking the whole of them off! and they were bright red! hahaha , so just be glad u didnt do that lol,she had to wait 6 weeks for them 2 form back fully , and had 2 go in 2 school everyday, lol, they ill grow back huni dont worry about it,

Tammy Said:

Could I get at Princeton as an International student?

We Answered:

I'm from the States so I don't know about the tests England uses. Your grades are right on, your extracurriculars sound good. You obviously know it's hard to get into. Last year they only accepted 8.2% of those that applied. 26,000 something applied, and of those about half (13,000) had top scores ( ACT 33-36) in all the major tests and a 4.0 average in school (All A's). If you don't fit who they want for their "diversity" you probably won't get in. But apply to all the ones you want anyway. You definitely won't get in if you don't apply!!

Good luck!

Gene Said:

How do you go about claiming rent back if you feel your landlord has breached the agreements of your lease?

We Answered:

Find ur local magistracy office,,the magistracy can help u save $$ without the headache of a lawyer.I went to mine when a car dealer tried to break his contract with me and my wife,,needless to say after speaking with him he read the contract and then called the car dealer and forced him to honor the contract over the phone..the car dealer was NOT happy...
It didn't cost me a dime and since local magistracy offices are mostly unknown of,there isn't a wait in line..and many cases they can see u within 5 minutes.
They serve to help tax payers in the local area..many do charge,depends on service rendered.If he cant resolve the problem he can get u in the correct direction to go through the legal loopholes.
If u do contact one,it is best to do so in person,this shows more respect and may even help u better ur chances that he/she would be more willing to do something then instead of ur complain being in a stack of papers and a game of phone tag..
Ur local goverment can be a helpful tool if u know how to use it.
Besides,magistracy can be local judges and are involved in the courts,so if ur landlord screwed u,then there is a chance that someone else got screwed also,and ur local magistracy may know about it and would be happy to help.

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