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Paris Student Housing

Marlene Said:

I would really like to become an exchange student but I don't know how it all works... Can any one help?

We Answered:

I recomend you to get in touch with or, they can offer you excellent hints and safe places to go as exchange student.

Tom Said:

Any experiences at the American University of Paris?

We Answered:

Nope - I don't have any personal experience of studying at American University of Paris, I therefore can't give any opinion, however, would recommend you to explore through the following weblink to have basica
Good Luck J

Dianne Said:

This is the start of a book called Lost in Paris.I'm only in 7th grade.Tell me what you think of it so far!!!!?

We Answered:

omg it is so good i am writing a story tooo and i am going to post it and see if people like it.

Monica Said:

getting a job in Paris, France...?

We Answered:

Unless you live in a European Union country you have virtually no chance whatsoever of living or working in France. You are only allowed to stay for 90 days without a work permit which you cannot get for the type of work you mention. You have to have a unique skill such that no EU member applicant can fill that job before you can even be considered. Then you have to have a sponsor company justify why only you can do this job and then you better be able to speak fluent French. I'm pretty sure from what you have said that you don't qualify in any respect to achieve your goal. Sorry, but this is quite unrealistic for you.

Donald Said:

Just a question about Mom's fiance?

We Answered:

I see something slightly off, too.

To me, it seems as if all he is interested in is your mother. And maybe he wants to take advantage of her. If he was truly in love with her he would care about you more, and your girlfriend also. But what he really only cares about is getting you out, and your mom in.
He seems like a sleaze-bag.

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Travel Pulau Pramuka said:

undertaking work within the field connected with tourism is at desperate would like excellent abilities. working job site is usually incredibly appropriate for me that an specialist in the field of vacation.

research topics in music said:

Student accommodation fields that have data and firms to make on this it has a housing formation to make these details on it. Students that have a marketplace to get data were at with the international student fields to make the access on these forums to take on it.