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Preston Student Homes

Clifton Said:

where can I find great student offers online local to me for FREE?

We Answered:

GO REGISTER AT - it's COMPLETELY FREE for all students. London site will be launched in mid-October 2006!!

Get involved! is a NEW "revolutionary online voucher system for student offers" ...

you will find heaps of great offers on the website and (once you've registered) be able to simply print off special vouchers that can be redeemed with your student ID.

it was initiaaly launched in Birmingham in September 2005, and is soon to be launched across 17 more university towns/cities.

so far over 40,000 vouchers have been printed and students have saved over £200,000 by using the discounts found on the site. - have you bean there yet? :-)


Wade Said:

serious qustion!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

We Answered:

If this is a serious question which I hope it is since you typed so much, don't lead yourself into believing that race plays a role in this, or all black dudes are like that. I would tell you to always know your "friends" or people you hang out with last names, or at least their first names plus their nicknames if any. That's a pretty f'ed up situation, just talk to your friend Preston next time you see him if you do, and if you don't, take this as a lesson not to put your possessions into the hands of someone you don't completely trust, unless you're sure you'll see them again.

Alex Said:

Whats going on in Britain?

We Answered:

Bishop of Rochester, eh Roy? You do move in exalted circles.

And did you write this yourself, Roy? No, it's another planted post that the Fuhrer at BNP House has had you pass off as your own words.

Roy West - BNP candidate (failed) in Dukinfield - liar, cheat and plagiarist (look it up, Roy).

There are some idiots and some hate-filled people in the Muslim community (and the author of this article, who isn't you, has discovered three of them), who only seek to spread racial unrest and this country would be better off without them. But, we couldn't say the same about any BNP members, could we, Roy?

Cynthia Said:

Your ideas/recommendations on student removals please!?

We Answered:

there are delivery services called pallet collections if you can get all your items onto a wooden pallet and securely fastened down and wrapped etc they collect and deliver to your address
this costs about £60+
look for parcel delivery firms and call them up see what they say it may be cheapest way its just a suggestion but i dont know what you are transporting home
the only prob is you getting home then if you go by train you can still take luggage with you whats left over in a suitcase
hope it works out

Brad Said:

Need some to proofread my autobio?

We Answered:

where's the question?

Gordon Said:

How can a UK citizen get into a USA university/college?

We Answered:

easy, student visa.

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