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Private Student Housing

Karen Said:

Can only students live in student private housing?

We Answered:

If a non student lives with students, it may be that more council tax has to be paid as well (as students can get away with it, or a chaeper rate or something). I looked at living with 4 students at one point, but it was an extra hundred or so a month because I had to pay the council tax (they were already living there, so wasn't really fair to make them start paying it).

Kathryn Said:

Private House and student dormitory, which is better?

We Answered:

The thing with a private house is, you do not know who is going to be living with you, you may not get on with them!
I would advise living in the dorm for the 1st year and then you and some mates can then go for a house, this is what my is doing, him and some mates are renting a house from September!

Peter Said:

would you prefer living in student housing at a university, or a private apartment?

We Answered:

Private apartment, because I don't like people.

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