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Privately Rented Houses

Lisa Said:

I am living in a privately rented house. I am going abroad for 6mth. What happens if I give up the house.?

We Answered:

There is no requirement that you have an address. There are some practical reasons to have one.

You can have the mail held at the post office.

You can get a new address. It could be a friend's house, a PO Box or a private mail box at Mailboxes, etc or something similar. Rarely are any of these organizations going to assume that you will not pick up your mail for 6 months. Hence check with them as to what they can offer for forwarding

There are a few services out there which will receive and then scan all your mail so that you get an electronic copy. They shred the mail after scanning it.

You definitely do not need to rent a home for 6 months while traveling. If you do there are risks that exceed the value of having a home rented. Best to deal with the mail by another means.

Kelly Said:

I am a Tenant in a privately rented house. and at the moment im having problems with my shower?

We Answered:

Wow, that's terrible! Your landlord should have got the quotes himself and scheduled the repair service in conjunction with your needs/requests.

If it were me, and I couldn't deal with living without that shower (no other option in the house) I'd have it repaired and send the bill to the landlord. And, I'd pay my rent to an escrow account until I was reimbursed for the costs or the landlord deducted them from my rent.

You may want to seek some legal advice however, since laws differ by State. (And check any clauses in a contract you may have signed.)

Dennis Said:

What are some things to watch out for when renting a house privately?

We Answered:

Good question. You will need to do some research. Whatever property you pick- research it in public records. Clerk of Courts for whatever county you are in type in owners name- make sure there are no liens on the property or les pends, judgments or notice of foreclosure. Also you may want to check the property appraiser site for whatever county you are in as well- usually from this site there is a link to take you to the tax records-- you want to make sure the taxes on the property are paid. Also, it is always a good idea to have an attorney go over your lease with you- to ensure that you are being fully protected. Anything that is not in writing can become an issue- it is a good idea to make sure that the lease states CLEARLY- who is responsible for what- from payment of utilities to repairs. To be safe- once you rent a home I would definitely have renters insurance. It could save you a bundle in the event of a disaster or accident.

You are smart to be concerned and cautious. People are in difficult times and there is nothing more frustrating than being served at 6 in the morning with a 30 day notice to leave- because the home no longer belongs to the landlord. An attorney can ensure in the lease that you are protected to the full extent that the law allows.

Alvin Said:

do you have to live in a privately rented house for a certian time before you can leave?

We Answered:

Read your lease.

Annie Said:

Can I childmind from a privately rented house thats not my own?

We Answered:

The property you are going to childmind from will be inspected by Ofsted before they register you as a childminder so it needs to be suitable. If you change the premises you will need to reregister the place with Ofsted again before you can actually start childminding. There are lots of boxes that your premises need to tick to be suitable for a nursery, even a small one. For example the amount of toilets (1 toilet for 10 children and separate staff toilet), nappy changing area etc.
Also there are requirements to the size of the premises used for the nursery. In registered provision, providers must meet the following space requirements:

* children under two years: 3.5 m2 per child;
* two year olds: 2.5 m2 per child;
* children aged three to five years: 2.3 m2 per child.
You can find out more information by calling Ofsted or looking on this website:


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