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Properties For Let

Jackie Said:

Relocating to work in Gibraltar. Any good recommendations for finding letting properties in Southern Spain?

We Answered:

I once went house hunting down there. Grim. I can't remember anywhere really nice nearby. There are lots of great places too far to commute.

Have a look at

Courtney Said:

Best buy to let strategy for retirement income ?

We Answered:

Buying properties to rent them out for a profit is a really bad idea. You have to factor in costs like loan interest, maintenance costs, conservancy charges, utility bills, licenses etc. There are so many costs to upkeep a property even if you can pay for the house in cash straight away. And what's more, you have to consider things like, what if nobody rents my property? What if property prices go down? Am I prepared to sit on hundreds of thousands that I can't liqidate in emergencies?

To learn the best strategy for retirement income, there is no other way than to sit down with a Financial Planner, who will work out your budget, financial situation, years to retirement and plan out the best strategies using available tools.

Christy Said:

What is the best carpet for Buy to Let properties?

We Answered:

One that can be shampooed or steam cleaned once a year.

Roger Said:

I am searching for privately let properties right now? Any ideas on sources other than gumtree????

We Answered:

Your local newspaper, google search properties for let

Anthony Said:

do you know any web address's for properties to let or for sale in america?

We Answered:

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