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Properties To Rent

Christian Said:

Do rental properties rent, regardless of the location?

We Answered:

You have a lot of ex-homeowners that lost their homes entering the rental market,, If the rent is in reason anything anywhere will rent.. we used to rely on credit histories when picking a good tenant but that theory is out the window...A low score deserves a closer look as to what exactly happened...I would not disqualify someone that was foreclosed on--but would not care for anyone recently evicted from an apartment.

Ralph Said:

Can I sell a property from and use rollover relief to buy two more properties to rent out?

We Answered:

Yes. No.

Raymond Said:

What do I need to rent properties?

We Answered:

a property to rent and a renter

Cynthia Said:

Do rural properties rent well?

We Answered:

I own 4 rural properties, and no, I have no problem keeping them rented. Truck drivers seem to really love rural living, at least half of the renters have been semi truck drivers. I guess they love the quiet after driving the freeways.

You will have to take renters will animals, and not just dogs and cats, but goats and chickens too.

Barry Said:

Need a real estate license to rent properties?

We Answered:

I'm going to second the guy before me. To the best of my knowledge, no. I've actaully been looking into it locally.

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