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Property To Share

Jennie Said:

Self Acquired property-Share to Children out of two legal marriage?

We Answered:

intestate succession to ur grand father property is governed by hindu succession Act 1956 as amended by 1994 in state of karnataka & by 2005 on all India basis.His self acquired property shall devolve upon his class I heirs-i.e his widow, 2-sons from first marriage, & 4-sons+ 1-daughter from second marriage.class-I heirs take the property equally & simultaneously.ur right.

Sue Said:

how dose a time share property work? is it a scam?

We Answered:

no you cannot buy it that way, you could buy a share
timeshares are as the term implies - people buy a share of time
condos at a resort area sell as timeshares - simply 52 people buy 1 week (a specific week) and you own that week. go to the beach and stay in YOUR condo for YOUR week

Darlene Said:

I am an illegitimate child. In the land law,do i have the right to claim land property share of inheritance ?

We Answered:

No, you have to be able to prove paternity first.

Clinton Said:

i have a legal question about joint property share holder can someone help me?

We Answered:

The person above is right. Unless the agreement your wife has with your cousin spells this out specifically, you will either have to come to an agreement with her cousin, or go to a lawyer to figure out and enforce your rights. I warn you that it may be the only way to enforce your rights is to force a sale of the house.

If the ownership is 2/3rds : 1/3rd, and the agreement doesn't say otherwise, the agreemnt should be as follows, I think:

Cousin: pays 2020 of mortgage
Wife: pays 1010 of mortgage

Cousin: receives 666.67 from rent
Wife: recieves 333.33 from rent

But the agreement could be otherwise, and it almost certainly will be argued that it is otherwise.

Rafael Said:

i hav a property share i want to transfer my share to my minor son. How should i proceed?

We Answered:

I don't know, but I would definitely contact a real estate attorney

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But the agreement could be otherwise, and it almost certainly will be argued that it is otherwise.