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Carole Said:

Finding a parent's birth mother (for free)?

We Answered:

Unless you are lucky enough to find someone who actually knows/knew her, it's unlikely you'll find this information for free. I would imagine your best bet would be to locate Nadine's birth certificate, though I don't know the availability or procedure for obtaining these in the US. It's also quite possible that she later married, so there could be a marriage certificate sometime after she had your father.

You could also research the college records for anything that relates to Nadine if she was a student there.

The fact that she doesn't appear on Google doesn't mean she didn't exist under this name.

Kurt Said:

Quit the Church?? Do you think you can help me to find another church?

We Answered:

There are numerous Christian groups and denominations that are active socially. You need to investigate their beliefs about ordinary life and worship, then find a group that does the kind of work you're interested in.
For example, United Methodists often raise money for and work in soup kitchens, giving clothing to the poor, and they support many schools and colleges. The Southern Baptist Convention sends people on missions if they want to go, raises money for schools and colleges, and sends individuals to work with the poor in various ways. The Catholic Church does all the above also. Unitarians do a lot of good work, in some of their churches, but their beliefs are so vague you may reject worshiping with them.
After you find a group whose beliefs you can accept, then find a congregation which is active -- not all are -- or ask about a local group they support which you can work with. For example, some Catholic parishes may not have members working directly with the poor, but their diocese does and the parish office can tell you where there are groups helping refugees, etc.

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