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Rent Flats Houses

Roger Said:

Can anyone tell me how much does it cost to rent a flat/house in Bangalore?

We Answered:

It depend on which location you would like to settle down in. Place like Kormangala, JP nagar, BTM layout , Indira Nagar are quite expensive areas. 2ndly it depends on the kind of setup you are looking for a 2 bedroom or 3 bedroom one again varies.
As far as the deposit amount is concerned its fixed at 10 months advance flat. You may be lucky if you come across someone who is large hearted to consider ur case.
No, no one lets go of the deposit or security they may negotiate but let go no chance.

Kenneth Said:

How much would it cost to rent a house/flat?

We Answered:

it really depends on the size, location and other factors. you also have to pay for your utilities, and they can get really, really expensive. your best bet is to start looking around for some apartments you might be interested in. good luck!

Lucille Said:

Why in Mumbai the housing societies refuse to rent houses to Muslims?

We Answered:

" Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,"

I have never heard such an idiotic comment in my life.
Who says all terrorists are Muslims?
So are you saying that terrorists who conducted the Jama Masjid Blast and the Malegaon Mosque Bomb blasts are all Muslims?
The American guy who conducted the Minnesota University shootings was a church going Christian.
and what the Israeli's are doing to the Palestinians is state terrorism.
In fact Israel is a terrorist state.
The Bajrang Dal,RSS,VHP are all terrorist organisations.

Most of Muslims have publicly condemned Bin Laden for his atrocities all the time.
All Muslim organisations did.
But guess what?
The press chose not to report it.

My point is that when a person who conducts a terrorist act belongs to some religion besides Islam,religion is NOT mentioned.
But when a Muslim does, it is mentioned.

Infact the term "Islamic Terrorist" is an oxymoron.

Islam means peace

Terrorist means one who spreads terror.
Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

To judge a religion by the conduct of minority of its people is a fallacy .
For then we too could say that all Christianity is about, is child molesting and homosexuality (by using the many cases of child abuse and homosexuality by priests), whilst Hinduism was all about looting and breaking up mosques (by using the incident of the destruction of the Babri mosque in Ayodya, India in December 1992 by Hindu zealots).

Simply put- generalizing is wrong.

And as for the original question.
Even I have come across "For Vegetarians only housing societies".

Lets face it-
Muslims in Mumbai live in ghettos.

Scott Said:

is there any flats or houses up for rent in bedford?

We Answered:

Bedford, where?

Norman Said:

How much it may cost to rent a flat/house which has 2 bedrooms in Guildford?

We Answered:

1 bed flats from £802.00 per month

2 bed flats from£1,185 per month

2 bed houses from £1,087 per month

Reginald Said:

How difficult is it to rent a flat/house with a poor credit rating?

We Answered:

If you have a job and a bank account (so you can show your wages being paid in and can set-up a standing order) PLUS you current landlord gives you good references, you really should have 'no' difficulties....

A lot of private landlords refuse to take anyone on JSA (simply because they sometimes have to wait for the authorities to process your Rent assistance) = however the housing associations should be OK ..

If you are being evicted for non-payment (or your landlord refuses to give you a reference for some other reason) go see Citizens Advise Bureau or contact the Council Housing Dept. direct

Rosemary Said:

What the sq.yard price for flats or houses in goa for rent or buy?

We Answered:

rural areas about 700 1000 p sq mt
Urban(panaji) areas about 1800 2500p sq mt

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