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Rent Student House

Oscar Said:

Would it be a good or bad idea to rent a house to college students?

We Answered:

Totally depends on the students.

Rentals were a huge success where i went to school (by BYU) so the kids were all religious, recently returned missionaries. Not destructive or immature. Wish I coulda got a rental there to rent out. And this may sound rude but, usually if you stick to renting to girls, they are cleaner and more mature around that age. Im just sayin.....

Eddie Said:

is it possible to move out of your parents house and pay your rent somewhere else with student loans?

We Answered:

This is how most college students, especially post grad, pay for housing. Possible and common.

Russell Said:

Can college students rent a beach house?

We Answered:

I don't think its a problem if your over 21 but if it is try having your parents rent the beach house

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Jacqueline Said:

i want to rent house at the Ubang UJS 2 ,must nearby segi college coz i is a student..please help me.?

We Answered:

I hope, after you find a house, that you learn to speak and spell. Good luck

Derek Said:

What is the best party area in Ocean City, MD for college students to rent a house in?

We Answered:

Streets from 25-10 seem to be the most active. We rented a place (12th?) and it was a blast.

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