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Rental Apartments Houses

Justin Said:

My landlord says in CA rental law is different for apartments vs. houses?

We Answered:

Yes, there are differences. But cleaning is not one of them.

The word clean is really subjective. As a landlord I see this all of the time, you would not believe how filthy people can be, and look you straight in the eye and declare the place clean.

There are no laws defining what is clean in CA. The balance point is when you move in, if you move in and sign the lease you have legally declared the place to be up to your standards.

My rentals are clean enough to sell, those are my standards. But, they are just that, personal, not dictated by the state. My house is the same. Remove the furnature and it is good to go.

Document with pictures and the days newspaper just how dirty the place is at move in so there is no dispute at move out.

Evelyn Said:

What's a good website to find rental houses/apartments?

We Answered:
i'm on there and its kinda nice, free
though i believe there are not enough listings for those apartment searches.

Marie Said:

Why do certain apartments and rental houses not allow pets?

We Answered:

Because the pet owner fails to train the dog or cat not to destroy property and use the floors as a litter box.

Alberto Said:

When looking at rental houses/apartments, what does "screen pets" mean?

We Answered:

From my understanding that would mean that they will screen your pet the same as they will you. They will check if your pet has ever caused any damage in any of your previous rentals.

Lauren Said:

where can i find rental apartments houses in chennai ?

We Answered:


Chennai rentals apartments, flats or houses can be found online sites like or or Also you can approch real estate agenets but they charge one month rent as commission but in the sites it free and you can directly cotanct the house owners at cheaper rates.

Juanita Said:

Does anyone know some online links to find rental apartments/houses for the Oshawa/Durham area?

We Answered:

Have you tryd criagslist?

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