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Renting To Students

Tracy Said:

College students renting a cabin in NY?

We Answered:

the adirondacks---you could have left out the having sex part, we could've figured that out on our own

Heidi Said:

what landlords are funny about students renting?

We Answered:

Not sure what you mean about funny, However you need to flip the coin over. Think about it this way. Students will bring on parties in turn means damages to the owners property.
Regarding pets, Owners will have damages to the property regardless of how great someone thinks his pet would be. Making nasty on the carpet, clawing at the carpet,doors,walls, chewing on plants and the list goes on and on. So in one hand the tenant wants to have his friend (pet) with him. The owner on the other hand is looking at the expense of repairs and all else that would be associated with a pet.

Douglas Said:

Who would I contact about renting out rooms to college students or anyone?

We Answered:

Well that shouldn't be too difficult>>
Pros >
• Extra cash
• Possible enriching experience getting to know someone with a different background
• Possible role models for your teens

• Deadbeats who don't pay the rent & you have to go to court to evict
• Will bring in their friends & party all night long
• Possible trash your place just before they vacate
• Possible drug users/abusers

Joel Said:

student renting: before my contract starts from can I end it and just lose my deposit?

We Answered:

If you already executed a full contract/lease, then you are liable for more than just the deposit. Oftentimes, the landowner must attempt to re-rent the property and may only bill you for the reasonable amount of time it takes to find a new tenant plus advertising/maintenance costs. If you're going to breach, tell the landlord ASAP to see if get him/her to mitigate damages.

This is assuming that no liquidated damages provisions are in the contract. (E.g. - "Should this contract be breached, lessee agrees to pay $X.)

Mitchell Said:

I heard today that 3 or 4 college students rented a house in a neighboring state and then registered ?

We Answered:

I don't get it either. How is their crime more serious than what ACORN did? These kids better not get prosecuted. But they probably will because they're republicans. So much for justice being blind.

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