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Rome Student House

Kristin Said:

Affordable Accomidations in Rome????

We Answered:

I lived in Rome for 6 months and worked at a hostel near the Vatican, which has since closed. However, we used to work with other hostels to find availability, etc. so I know of a few.

My favorite by far is the Beehive, It's run by an American couple and is clean and quiet.

I also like Colors, They are located on the other side of the Tiber River close to the Vatican.

On my trip last summer my fiance and I stayed at Maryelen B&B, It's about a 5 minute walk from the main station. It was wonderful--clean, quiet, and very friendly. The owners also have a restaurant across the street and we had a wonderful dinner there.

Hope this helps.... buon viaggio!

Courtney Said:

is this a good itinerary for backpacking through europe?

We Answered:

Danny, I'm exhausted just reading your itinerary! Congratulations! You have made an excellent itinerary. My first backpacking trip to Europe was also a five-week adventure, and I was also moving a lot. I might offer a couple small revisions: Munich is an awesome headquarters for exploring a lot of places. You might extend your time there and shorten it in, say, Berlin. Also, Brussels I found not as exciting or interesting as I had hoped. Apart from the statue of the little boy peeing and the Comic Book Museum, it was dirty and uninteresting. I would suggest spending the night in Schwangau when you go down to see King Ludwig's Neuschwanstein so you can spend time hiking in the hills behind the castle and wallowing in the Kristall-Therme pools that night. Stay at the Gasthaus Charlotte. I loved it! Also from Munich you can see Dachau Concentration Camp. I can't think of any camps near Berlin. Also, the tour of Bavaria-Atalier Film Studio in Munich is awesome! If you're interested in World War II history, from Munich you can go up to Nuremburg for a day and see the Nazi Party Rally Grounds (don't waste too much time in the museum; it's all blow-ups of pix from history books), and then go down to Berchtesgaden and take a tour up to the Eagles Nest with Eagles Nest Tours (David Harper, who runs it with his wife, is an American historian who has lived in the area for years and his insight is stellar). Finally, Vienna and Prague are both gorgeous, but a tad out of the wStay at Balmer's Herberge (hostel) then go up either the Jungfrau or the Schilthorn mountains. Awesome day trips! Have a sensational time!

Warren Said:

Is this lady NUTS or RUDE?

We Answered:

Sounds kinda crazy to me. Don't try too hard to figure these people out or put them in some kind of category though, becuase you won't find one they fit well into. Just deal with them in a way that works best for you. This includes not dealing with them at all if they are too upsetting to you.

Samantha Said:

Do you think this woman is rude or CRAZY?

We Answered:

I'd say she's rude and crazy
Stay away from the woman!

It sounds like you really have your life together and I wouldn't spend to much time focusing on someone who is obviously not dying to have a relationship with you.

Although if she really does have mental issues, thats another story entirely. Find out if there is any history of mental issues with her or that side of your family. If you are truly worried about her, contact a doctor that may be able to help. Maybe you can trick into seeing a psychiatrist by telling her you are going to some cat convention :) just kidding.

But seriously, if your conclusion is that the woman is just mean and rude then let her be rude to her cats not to you!

Robert Said:

I need information on renting a long term apartment in Rome, Italy. Thanks!?

We Answered:

Rome Apartments for rent? The best prices Here:

Discuss It!

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Munich is an awesome headquarters for exploring a lot of places. You might extend your time there and shorten it in, say, Berlin.