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Rooms For Let

Willie Said:

Why do dorm rooms look so big in commercials?

We Answered:

it is a set at a production studio shot with wide lens get you to move in the dorms and to make your parents think it is safe and comfy

Julie Said:

Are there single rooms for rent in or near karol bagh? if they are please let me know?

We Answered:

Hey there are many places available on rent, try checking out this site
you might find a good deal

Ethel Said:

Who is paying for Michelle Obama's $3500/night vacation room. let alone the 40 other rooms at $2500/night?

We Answered:

Presidential jets and Secret Service are used by ALL first families whenever they travel. But when they are on vacation, the expenses come out of their own pockets. Let's put this into perspective.

First year presidential vacation days:

Carter 19
Reagan 42
Bush Sr. 40
Clinton 21
Bush Jr. 77
Obama 26…

What did GWB's starting two wars cost?


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Pulau Tidung said:

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