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Rooms To Let In London

Roy Said:

London..I need a Cheap Room for Rent monthly in London or Close to London?

We Answered:

This is a good site:

Or London on Post an ad there saying that you are looking to flat share.

Good luck!

Jeffery Said:

Do you have to learn Polish now to live in London?

We Answered:

the problem with england isnt the fact that its full of polish people, the problem is that it is still unfortunatly full of english people,, come on you poles ill happily learn polish and eat big sausages and red cabbage in a can if it means less english

the great scottish guy

Frances Said:

What website can I advertise a room in my Docklands flat?

We Answered:

Grace Said:

Will the Hoxton hotel, London let a couple of my friends sleep in my room on the floor?

We Answered:

Just sneak em in, put a "do not disturb" thingy on your door, and your good to go

Crystal Said:

what is the best way of finding a housemate in london?

We Answered:

Try Easy Roomate... loads of ads, and you can add profiles and photos.. Very easy to use, and communicate with others…

Good luck

Amber Said:

Better to let detached property London as furnished rooms or unfurnished house?

We Answered:

3 sets of tenants, 3 sets of problems. Renting a house and renting rooms may be different from a legal point of view, check it out. For sure if you rent a house out furnished, everything in the house must conform to health and safety standards, particularly with respect to fire. You might find it expensive to refurnish your house in order to conform to these standards.
In my experience the rental income from an unfurnished house is not much less than a furnished one. With the added bonus that you do not have to worry about wear and tear, because it's a fact that people will not look after your things the way you do.
On the other hand, you can probably get more by renting out to 3 people, but that's a question whether you are will to risk the fire hazards mentioned earlier.

Amber Said:

Which hotels in London offer rooms to let by the hour?

We Answered:

There are some near Kings Cross, that you can rent out by the hour, but i think you need to be with a lady (?), preferably one you just met outside

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