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Rooms To Let In

Anna Said:

Women, Do you trust other women? Would let your partner go out with one of your friends if you did'nt want to?

We Answered:

Trust a woman with my bag, Yes, With my man, No, Never.

Erin Said:

I am difficulty getting into exact chat rooms I request.Messenger is placing me in a a room. Help me plz.?

We Answered:

Probably a Yahoo! network problem, try:
1. close and restart your Yahoo! Messenger
2. restart your computer
3. reset your Internet connection
4. all of the above

If the problem is persistent, please contact Yahoo! Customer Care.

Kent Said:

How much should I charge my roomates?

We Answered:

$400 each, even if you get a 4th guy, and a 1/3rd of the utilities on a monthly basis.

if they complain remind them you have taxes and other issues to deal with, insurance, etc. and that if someone breaks a item in the house maliciously they will have bought it. I would suggest getting some lease agreement paperwork even if they are buddys.

Steven Said:

Can anyone give me the link to the old AIM chat room, the one you can cam in?

We Answered:

They have closed the old AIM chats. You can't get to them anymore. is a website with the same type set up as the old AIM.

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