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Rooms To Rent

Thelma Said:

Does anyone know how to find cheap rooms to rent in Dallas?

We Answered:

Hello Aaron! There are a few links I will give you for rental information, plus a guide regarding living in Dallas.

First, there is Craigs List. After getting to the Dallas part of the Craigs List website, search for either apartments to rent, homes, or rooms to rent, whichever you prefer.

The Dallas News website has classifieds you might check from time to time. Their website link is listed below.

If you know someone living in the Dallas area, you could have them mail you the Sunday classified section for rentals. You might also check a local library in your area or bookstore. Sometimes they carry the newspapers of most major cities.

For Dallas area information, entertainment, and a blog for Dallas residents, check the website link below. You could post on the Dallas blog site for information on rentals in Dallas.…

I hope this helps you. I'm from Texas and Dallas is a great place to live! :-)

Jessie Said:

What is a website that will show rooms for rent?

We Answered:

I found my apartment on and I couldn't be happier. It has listings for just about every major city in Canada and the United States. It also lets you choose your roommates and gives you a full virtual tour of the apartment!

Morris Said:

What are good Websites to find rooms for rent ?

We Answered:

Bob Said:

Where can i find information about Rooms for rent in Manila?

We Answered:

i would recommend craigslist. go to the main page and select p.i then dial it down to manila and thats a good start.

Freddie Said:

I want to move to LA. Is there a recent place to rent rooms anywhere you can reccommend?

We Answered:

A lot of people stay at the Oakwood Apartments which have furnished places in a couple areas of town. (There are other furnished places too.) They're not super cheap, but they're nice and very safe.

Public transportation isn't great in L.A. but it's getting better. They are gradually expanding the metro. Lots of people ride the bus but it can be a pain, depending on where you need to go and how fast.

If you know beforehand whether you want to live/work on the Westside or the Valley, that will help you make your decisions. Traffic is a bear and you probably don't want to do a commute (bus or car) "over the hill" between the two areas if you don't have to.

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