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Rooms To Share

Curtis Said:

What is the best way to find a room/share apartment in Rome?

We Answered:

people seldom accept someone as a flatmate without seeing him. I would advise you to arrive 2 weeks before in Rome and seach an apartment once here.

Rosemary Said:

What do I do when two rooms share one ceiling and i am painting them different colors?

We Answered:

I don't think you will like a color change. How about finding a neutral that goes with both rooms?


Jimmy Said:

Renting rooms on criagslist, do people ever rent their room to share with another person?

We Answered:

That person needs reporting because they are not answering the question.

Is it only one bedroom or are there other rooms in the house besides yours. If there are others there is nothing wrong with you sharing. People in Barbados do it all the time to cut down on the rent and other utilities. They will advertise for a person to share a home and specify if they want a male or a female.

Josephine Said:

Two phones in two different rooms share the same number. Is it possible to call (ring) one from the other?

We Answered:

Only if it is a paging or intercom feature built into the CPE (customer premise equipment). Other wise, no. The answerer that said to call your self and hang up and Wait for it to ring is incorrect. This theory is impossible because when you pick up the phone it creates a short to connect your circuit and the switch in the telephone office sees that your phone is off the hook. You would get a busy signal and even if you hung up before, the call would not go through once you hung up because this would open the circuit and stop the switch from sending the ring current to ring your phone. There are industry secrets that are used for testing a line but you won't get them from an employee.

Lonnie Said:

What are the inpatient rooms like at Northside Hospital in Atlanta? Did you share a room?

We Answered:

my grandmother was there for a while, and her room was small but comfortable. i think she was in intensive care, though.
the impatient rooms could be different. you might call the hospital and see if someone there can tell you more.

Gabriel Said:

Can someone tell me what the dorms in Lackland Airforce base is like. Do i have to share rooms for BMT?

We Answered:

dorms ?do you mean Barracks ?

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