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Ryerson Student Housing

Salvador Said:

For students attending/have attended Ryerson university...?

We Answered:

Although I have not attended Ryerson University, what I do know is that Ryerson does not have the same "campus" feel as other traditional universities do, because it's not really a campus, but rather a collection of buildings. Also, the school spirit isn't much and clubs/associations aren't very popular. So unless you live in residence, it will be harder (not impossible) to make new close relationships.

When I was researching universities for my application, I found some clips that had little videos of various universities and students talking about life at that school. If I remember correctly, some of the quotes from Ryerson students included "Ryerson's a commuter's school, so it's hard to make friends if you're not living in residence" , "School spirit's pretty low at Ryerson, I can't lie", "It's kind of harder to get involved" regarding campus life.

All in all, I would say that it is definitely harder to make friends if you're commuting from home, but it's not impossible. Also, most of the students are commuters already, so it's not like you're in the minority when it comes to living in residence or living at home. MOST of the students at Ryerson do not reside in residence.

Here, I found the link for the Ryerson video. (The quotes I mentioned are near the end)

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