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Salford Student Homes

Wallace Said:

I am a new student at Salford University on a HND Media and Performance course, but I am not enjoyin it a lot.

We Answered:

The Halls of residence by the river are quite good.

They have some of the best showers I have ever tried. Plus they are near the 'Pav' which I had many a happy night at. Is it still there?

Rick Said:

do uni students really let home students 'crash' in their rooms?

We Answered:

No, they're serious. Sounds like your first year, so I would wait until you are more secure in your friendships before crashing at someones house for the night. When it comes to Uni students, we're more relaxed about people crashing for the night. It's not really a big deal. However if you do go to someones to crash it's does not necessarily mean you will get to sleep. Many a time the party will continue onto the next day at someones house, especially if guests come over.

Generally the first two months are rough for your Uni accommodation office as you can imagine. All these people moving in, and co-ordinating such can pose many a problem. After this time, people have dropped out of Uni, people have move accommodation and spare rooms are available. So yes, you will be able to move into uni accommodation, and I would really recommend it as it will the make the whole Uni experience so much better. If you contact them now, I'm sure they'll put you on their waiting lists.

Chris Said:

Moving to Manchester after my Leaving cert?

We Answered:

Manchester's a great city - it doesn't have any more crime here than any other city of its size. Mancunians are a friendly bunch, yeah, just don't talk to anyone on the buses or trains/trams between the hours of 7 and 9 and then 3 and 7 weekdays. Commuters aren't very nice people :L

But yeah it's a fantastic city. I actually live in the Monton borough of Salford. It's not inner-city and probably not what you're looking for, but I thought i'd mention it. It depends on your budget what you go for. At 18, an apartment crash pad in the City is great. Salford Quays would not only be a great place to LIVE, but also a great investment, as apartment houses round there are on the rise (more-so when MediaCity:UK opens up to the BBC).

Again, it depends which area you live in and what your hobbies are etc, but it's no more expensive here than Dublin, I wouldn't have thought. If you want any more info or anything just contact me again ( :)

Harry Said:

Does anyone work for a company that would be willing to sponsor our debate society?

We Answered:

are you going to be mass-debating?

Billy Said:

What should I do?I am a student at Salford on a course and Iam now afraid to go home.I want to move into halls

We Answered:

Go and talk to someone at Student Assistance down at Humphrey Booth house. They're open 8.30 to 4.30 daily, they might be able to help you find some emergency accommodation.

The number's 0161 295 0467 by the way. Good luck :-)

And I empathise with the 2-bus journey as I have to do the same when I'm not on my bike (and it takes 1.5 hours each way...!)

Catherine Said:

Hi everyone, what do you think of my PGCE statement so far?

We Answered:

What I spotted (in addition to previous comments):
'liasing with the countries Emergency authorities, which show I can' should be 'liaising with the country's emergency authorities, which shows that I can' and if you mention 'numerous projects' then it would be an idea to briefly outline what these are.
In addition, 'insight of life in the teaching' I would change to 'insight to the teaching' & remove the coma after 'Currently'
As you have mentioned that Hamilton is a High School (capitals for names), then the reader will know that this is a 'secondary' school, so stop your sentence at 'helping out.'
'hands-on' rather than 'hands on'
Remove 'at' & add '-' so you get 'gain first-hand experience', 'up to date' should also be hyphenated as 'up-to-date'.
'Such as Hardware, software' should be 'Such as hardware, software'.
What do you mean by 'desktop publishing and the system life cycle'? I think you may mean 'project life cycle' or 'system design life cycle', be a bit more specific.
Change 'nursery to University. I am very much aware of the needs of children and understanding how to address.' to 'nursery to university. I am very much aware of the needs of children and how to address those needs.'
'Other than English I speak fluent Bengali and' should have a coma - 'Other than English, I speak fluent Bengali and'.
Finally, do you enjoy watching sport, or playing? Your text implies watching, not playing.

You English is certainly better than my Bengali or Urdu.

If you are doing a PGCE then you will need to have plenty of confidence in yourself - good luck!

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