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San Diego Student Housing

Lillian Said:

Dorm Rooms at San Diego city?

We Answered:

uh, as ur topic question, currently there is not dorms in san diego city but the schools do offer housing options and websites. I checked it online so, so should you

Kelly Said:

Housing at University of San Diego?

We Answered:

You can find information here:

Also, the school is fairly strict when it comes to alcohol so I would say that they are not known for partying.

It's a beautiful campus and the class sizes are very small (20-25 students). Everyone is nice and extremely helpful.

Theresa Said:

How hard is it for a student to afford living in San Diego?

We Answered:

If you are working a minimum wage job part-time or living off of student loans, or a combination of these, you'll need to have a roommate. I was in that situation throughout my college years at SDSU (bachelor and masters) and I always had roommates. If you can swing it, a two bed apartment with one roommate should work. Personally, I always had more roommates than that (in various combinations of rooms and roommates) so that I was able to get my masters with minimal debt incurred.

Getting roommates here is easy. At SDSU there are many bulletin boards where people post roommate wanted ads, also you can find these in the Reader (local free weekly paper), Craigslist, maybe even on SDSU's website somewhere. Come down here and stay at a cheep hotel until you find one of these situations, or you can come down here and rent an apartment and find a roommate. That's how most people do it until they meet friends here and make plans to rent places together.

Here are ballpark figures for apartment costs here. Within a couple of miles of SDSU: $900-1000 for one bedroom, $1200 for two bedroom; Mission Valley area (within 6 miles of SDSU, usually large complexes with lots of amenities, many singles): $1100 for one or $1400 for two bedrooms; beach areas (Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach) $1300 for one; $1500-1600 for two.

If you share a three bedroom with two other people you can probably get your costs down to around $500-550 a month.

You'll find some under, some over, but that's ballpark. Note that the SDSU area has lots of older units, fewer amenities, and there's not as much of an on-campus life after school hours in the immediate vacinity as in other campuses, so after the first year at SDSU, most students move away from the campus area. The beach areas, and more recently the downtown/Gaslamp areas have more nightlife.

Oh, and PLEEZE don't use "Cali"; most people who live here hate that. And certainly don't use it themselves.

Kathy Said:

San Diego State University Housing?

We Answered:

It will be very difficult to find an apartment alone for less than $1000/mo…
I would suggest you do, as I did, opt for dorm for first semester,
while seeking alternative room & board options (without joining)
in nearby very socially oriented fraternity/sorority.…

Laurie Said:

San Diego state university !? & Cal state long beach ! question for non students or students.?

We Answered:

both are considered as commuter schools so either way you're not gonna have the same college vibe as ucla or ucberk

my cousin went to csulb and she graduated as an interior design major and has a great career now. she lived there as well but i wasn't told about anything about housing there... i've been to the campus and it's okay. i think csulb has a much better art department (graphic design, interior design, etc) than almost all of the uc and csu schools so if that's what you want to do then csulb should be your choice.

i live in sd and it's a nice area. my other cousin and a lot of my friends will be going to sdsu. i don't know much about the academics but it's known as a somewhat party school. i will be going to ucsd and everyone has been saying that they will be going to party at sdsu. so i guess sdsu has a better social scene. plus it's close to the beach :)

Marion Said:

Best cheap (college student priced) restaurants in San Diego?

We Answered:

hash house a gogo

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