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San Francisco Student Housing

Ella Said:

Moving to San Francisco w/ 2 kids and need help!?

We Answered:

Contact the school and see if they have any suggestions.
Most colleges have a department that can help with needed information.

Emily Said:

why is san francisco considered so expensive?

We Answered:

You get $1400 just for housing? Is that a loan or free money?

San Francisco costs more than Seattle because tourism is the most important business. You wont get an apartment in the San Francisco proper city limits for $800 except a basement room. A studio apartment goes for $1200 in most good neighborhoods. You can live in a bad neighborhood cheaper. That $2700 is probably a 2 or 3-bdrm apartment. San Francisco is a smaller city than Seattle but has several exclusive neighborhoods and famous hotels. I think San Francisco draws more people than Seattle because we have better weather. We only have a little rain in winter and no snow and S.F. is mild all the time.

Lori Said:

Suggestion for trip to Lake Tahoe with a big group from San Francisco?

We Answered:

You can get to South Lake Tahoe (as I see the busses coming all the time), but you need to check out some kind of tour package. Keep in mind that weekend rates are much higher.

Could you leave Friday night? Just a thought

Chris Said:

Which website is the best for finding affordable apartment listings?

We Answered:


Kimberly Said:

San Francisco Apartments?

We Answered:

Craigslist is good. However, since AAU is easily accessible by BART (and a few minutes of walk time), I'd suggest also looking in the East Bay.

Sue Said:

Im travelling to San Francisco for the summer. anywhere cheap to stay?

We Answered:

psh. hell no. sf aint cheap

James Said:

Can we expect to see Micro Compact Homes in the US anytime soon?

We Answered:

New homes in America are ridiculously large. at some point in time, they will have to reduce the size of new ones, only because of the population increasing, and running out of room.
But don't expect the rents to get cheaper. The larger places to stay will increase quicker.

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