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Santa Barbara Student Housing

Seth Said:

hello does anyone a site that shows affordable apartments or rooms in Santa Barbara, CA!?

We Answered:

Craig's List. Click here:

I did some searching for you, the cheapest I found long term was $550. You can view some under $600 here:…

Good luck.

Kristin Said:

Does Anyone Go To UC Santa Barbara Or Know Any Info On It ?

We Answered:

Basically if you want to go to a party school that also happens to be the most respected University among party schools, then UC Santa Barbara is it.

Frederick Said:

What is the best student housing at UC Santa Barbara.?

We Answered:

Try the student housing co-op. It's cheap, close to campus- Isla Vista

ellwood beach area is less expensive than in town

If you're married or have children it's hard to beat family student housing for location, cost and facilities (laundry, playground, walking distance to beach!)

Louise Said:

Housing at UC Santa Barbara?

We Answered:

i've stayed at ucsb dorms twice for leadership camp. their dorms are nice and decently sized. the lounge area is okay but there aren't alot of activities besides ping pong, pool, tv, and foos ball.

i had a bad experience staying at santa cruz dorms because during my stay someone broke into a nearby room. it freaked me out alot, but that might just be my luck.

Jonathan Said:

Santa Barbara City College Housing....?

We Answered:

I would contact the school.
I live in Santa Barbara and work, indirectly, for SBCC.
I know of no such services by the school.
What you are looking for is called "Room and Board" not just a room.
Contact the school, that's your best bet.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions about SBCC or Santa Barbara.


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