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Seattle Student Housing

Joyce Said:

moving to seattle fall for school - seattle u. does anyone know safe student housing. or where NOT to live?

We Answered:

The person means Seattle University, not UW. Totally different schools.

Anyway, here is the link to the Seattle University housing website.

if not there, all i can say is, stay away from south seattle, the north is nicer and safer. &apartments are pretty expensive, the closer to downtown you get[seattle university is VERY near downtown] the more expensive apartment gets.

hope this helped. =]

Brian Said:

What do I need to know about moving to Seattle?

We Answered:

The University district if you are a student at UW...Good luck finding a place that takes dogs!...I think you may have some prob. with that one....Greenlake has a dog walking park, so maybe look around there...downtown Seattle is out because there is no place to walk your dogs....You may be able to go as far north as Mill Creek for'll have a long commute though...I wish you the best, and your dogs...don't you have someone that can care for them while you attend school for the first semester until you "feel it out?"....That is what I would do. Find a place for yourself and then once you are here, you will have more time to look for the "right spot!".... It would not be fair or healthy for the dogs to be moved to a place that isn't dog friendly...

Tanya Said:

Good photography schools in Seattle, WA?

We Answered:

Art Institute of Seattle is good, you should also try Seattle Pacific University and University of Washington. Here is a helpful link:…

Bruce Said:

What is it like living in Seattle?

We Answered:

Seattle isn't a 'college town'. Meaning it's not a small town devoted to and dependant on the college kids to pump money into the local economy. If you were to attend one of the colleges in city, you might feel like a small fish in a big pond. The nice thing is that no matter what you enjoy doing, taking in a movie, art museums, spelling classes, fishing, skiing or walking on a beach - you can do it within two hours of downtown.
From a career perspective, Seattle is competitive. Meaning you need to have experience and education to make a name for yourself here. The people are by nature a bit aloof. Not because we're snotty but because we're well educated and have high standards. Our music scene is legendary - not just a single genre, but all forms of music are celebrated in the city. Our economy is largely reliant on the success of software firms and aerospace - both of which have been hit hard by the recession. It rains here - a lot. If you want sun 9 months out of the year, reconsider moving here. While Seattle is by no means a homogenous society, it's not as racially diverse as the east coast. You can find just about any variety of food you can imagine within the city limits and even more if you travel out to the suburbs. Housing is expensive and competitive. While you can raise a family in the city, most of us with kids end up moving outside the city limits where property for the kids and dogs to play in is more affordable.

Edward Said:

I am looking to move to seattle but have a few questions first.?

We Answered:

Housing - apt and condo rentals are available. Prices depend on neighborhoods. When I lived near downtown in lower Queen Anne near Fremont (fairly desirable area/safe/close access to downtown) I paid 1175.00 for a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apt with parking included fairly newer about 8 years old.

Job market is okay but still difficult to find a job due to the economy and businesses closing. We are definately not as bad off as other parts of the nation.

Lots to do...aside from the plethora of outdoor stuff, nightlife, restaurants, concerts, plays,musicals, shopping, reading and relaxing (northwesterners are the kings and queens of casual)

Skiing - definately. Go to Snoqualmie or Stevens. Drive up to whistler in Canada.

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