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Shared Flats In London

Jean Said:

How to move from the U.S.A to London?

We Answered:

Yea, this is a huge move and you need to research first. The first thing is- you CANT even do this without having a job that will sponsor you first, so to answer your question- its illegal to move there without the job and a visa. These days, thats almost impossible to do because there are so many citizens looking for jobs already without the need to sponsor someone. If so, your looking at very low wages because nobody else in the country already wants the job.

Your best bet may be to go in as a student- and look for work while doing so then change the visa when your there.

London is expensive- and its pretty much impossible to simply move there without having a lot of money saved to do so- you need to consider the visa fees, the cost of transportation to get there, the cost of transportation when there, the cost of the exchange rates (everything is double what we are used to), etc.

Virgil Said:

Are there short term lets to share in london?

We Answered:

Hi there,

I wish I had some better news but you are going to struggle to find somewhere for such a short period. Letting agents in London normally deal with 12 month leases as a minimum, and 6 months at the best, so there really is no point going down that route I'm afraid. There are 'corporate' serviced apartments that are available for short lets but they are premium offerings and very expensive.

Gumtree was my first thought also and is your best bet. Keep checking but most importantly put a 'Wanted' Ad yourself, there may be someone looking to fill a room in-between 2 tenancies, or someone happy to have a lodger for a few weeks.

After that it may take some thinking outside the box. Are you coming during the University summer holidays by any chance? Most of the University of London accommodation blocks offer their rooms for rent on a week by week basis outside term time. Try the SOAS and UCL accommodation offices to find out more for example.

Another good website to place an ad is, I've put a link below.

Lastly, I would urge you to consider, as last resorts, couch surfing and youth hostels (or cheap hotels). I know you aren't too keen on Youth Hostels but the YHA in Rotherhide, for example, is really quite a decent standard and relatively quiet, which I guess you'd prefer as you are working (vs rowdier Aussie haunts in Earls Court). Couch surfing is staying in someones living room - not ideal I know but perhaps a backup thought. Again, I've put some useful links below.

Best of luck and I hope these help. Lastly, and this might be obvious but if you haven't already asked someone at your intended workplace for help, definitely consider that. I found my room by asking around at work - someone had a spare room they were willing to lend to a colleague fora few weeks, that he hadn't advertised! 

Theresa Said:

how much cost live in London sharing a flat?

We Answered:

This is such a hard question to answer. It really depends on the area you want to live in, how many people you're willing to share with in the house, and what condition of housing you go for. If you are going to be a student, then perhaps it might be cheaper in University owned accomodation, since perhaps you only have to pay rent, and not the other bills like electricity..then again it was a long time since I was a student!
One thing is sure, the price will be more than you want to spend! I doubt you could get anything below £200 per month and realistically for a nice place, sharing with maybe 2-3 other people, £400 a month is a good deal.
You'll of course need to add council tax, water, electricity and/or gas bills on top of that figure too.
Hope that helps.

Katrina Said:

Best websites to find flat shares/flat rental in London?

We Answered: is pretty good

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