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Stanford Student Housing

Wesley Said:


We Answered:

You are never going to get a guarantee about whether you would be admitted or not, no matter how great your grades or test scores. Nobody can tell you whether you get to go or not until you get that envelope after you apply.

I would suggest you refrain from saying things like "I'll die if i don't get in." Suicide actually does happen on college campuses sometimes, especially at competitive and rigorous schools like Stanford. It carries some heavy baggage.

I suggest you watch or re-watch Cool Runnings, and internalize the advice of the coach, "...a gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without one, you'll never be enough *with* one. " The same is true of admissions to a school like Stanford.

Admissions committees love to read "obstacles overcome" essays, and the whole losing the house thing is grist for that mill. It shows that life's circumstances might throw you off track temporarily, but you've got the resiliency and maturity to get yourself back in gear. One of the obstacles they would like to see you overcome is the time management issue. Their campus is full of students who play sports, join clubs, hold down jobs, deal with personal crises, *and* do their homework.

Sidney Said:

SAT score 2000- my chances at UCB,UCLA,UCSD,Stanford,UMN, valedictorian, No 1 junior golfer in south India.?

We Answered:

As an Indian, I am forced to concur that your resume is very nice. However, your 2000 sat score is quite out of whack. I for one would be pleased with no less than a 2380.
No. 1 Junior golfer is good, but i am not sure how you stack up to American golfers, as in this country there are amazing golfers everywhere.
I am not sure about Stanford, but I would expect that you will be accepted to a few of these schools, at least.
Why not apply to Oxford, Princeton, etc? East Coast is much better than West.

Ramona Said:

How much does it coast to study in stanford university in the USA ?

We Answered:

If you can get accepted into Stanford, tuition is about $33,000 and room and broad is about $11,000. Stanford's international student population is only about 6%. It is difficult to get accepted in and even more so for an international student. In 2008 Stanford had 23,958 applications and only accepted 1,722 students.
college web site will list tuition and room and board costs. You can look it up yourself for any US university.

Mary Said:

What are my chances at Notre Dame/Stanford/Northwestern/Columbia/Ya…

We Answered:

Your chances are very good at all of these schools, but with super competitive schools there is an element of crap shoot. They get more stellar applicants than they have room for, so they always have to turn some amazing people down.

Yale is probably your biggest reach, followed by UCLA (only because you are out of state). I would definately add some less competitive schools, but there isn't anything you need to do to up your chances.

Jimmie Said:

PLEASE can you read and edit my Stanford app essay?

We Answered:

I can appreciate how hard you have worked on this essay. However, I am certain that Stanford is especially interested in an experience that shows far more intellectual inquiry.

If you use this frog maiming experience at all, you need to do the following:

1) indicate the age you were when this incident took place (the younger the better).

2) temper your account by clearly indicating your sincere compassion for the struggling frog, as well as remorse for having caused it such suffering.

2) cite the incident as one where your curiosity about "the intricacies" of the world was nonetheless awakened.

3) go on to recount, briefly but specifically, the ways in which this early life incident inspired in you further, sustained, and eager intellectual inquiry and study in the ensuing years. This will require, amongst a good deal else, that you change your current last sentence to the past tense.

Other than that, your account, as is, needs editing:

" he whizzed by me in his bicycle": Change "in" to "on."

"I sped past; too delighted..." Change semi-colon to a comma.

"I spinned around..." Change "spinned" to spun.

"...easily overlooked body" I would change "overlooked" to dismissed.

"...and delicately lay him in the grass." Change "delicately" to gently and "lay" to laid (or, even better, "set him down")

Good luck to you.

Diana Said:

How do I get my dad to either stop being ignorant or stop trying to control me?

We Answered:

Actually, you are the one who is "ignorant" and "too stupid to realize how this process works".
Give your dad a little credit, since he is a homeowner and you are an ungrateful freeloader. If you think he drinks and drugs too much, move out and live with friends or other relatives and do what you want.

Have you even called a single leasing office? They *always* show apartments to prospective renters, why in the world would you move into a place sight unseen, especially one "at the bottom of your list"?

Call around an inquire. Ask to be put on their waiting list. August 9th is three months away. People will drop out or change their minds about attending school, graduate from summer sessions and a host of other things.

Calm down, and lose the 'tude, especially if he's paying for any part of your education (tuition, books, fees, etc.), insurance, car and gas, and any part of your upcoming rent. Your complete and very verbal lack of respect for people who have more experience and know more than you do, coupled with your childish foot-stomping at not having things your misinformed way, tells me you're going to have a very, very hard time in graduate school.

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