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Student Apartment Rentals

Alice Said:

Need cheap apartment rentals in sydney?

We Answered:

Sorry but share accommodation would be much cheaper than attempting to rent in Sydney. The cheapest you can get is about $250 per week but that also depends on where it is. Even a small studio is pricey.

Kurt Said:

Can you answer this question about student loans?

We Answered:

Get all the federal student loans (Stafford loans) you are eligible for by filling out the FAFSA and coordinating with your financial aid office. Federal student loans have the lowest interest rates and most generous repayment options

Private student loans (credit-based loans offered by banks, credit unions, etc.) can be used for housing, transportation, living expenses, etc. and can still sometimes be tax-deductible. Sallie Mae offers the Tuition Answer loan for just this purpose.…

Be VERY conservative in what you borrow - only absolutely what you need, because you will have to pay it back.

Theresa Said:

student looking for rentals in nyc. Im looking for rentals primarily located in little italy, ny. or any where

We Answered:

i don't know about any websites but you can check out the newspaper ads from NYC. usually the owners put their own ads for renting. but i am telling you, anywhere in nyc would be very costly to rent. make sure you have your financial backup planned.
happy summer.

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