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Student Family Housing

Ralph Said:

Is it easier going into student housing than normal housing if going to college away from family?

We Answered:

see i live off campus because geogia tech does not have dorm rooms but from with i heard if they did me i might get distrted because everybody no me as kwan the party free sprited type gurl so that's a good thingfor me i'm trying to stay perocciupied on doing something good in my life like you said can't say in the hood forever i really love to disignn clothes so maybe it's a stupid dream but i was thinking of having my own clothing line one day

Yvonne Said:

I'm getting married, do student loans pay for family housing?

We Answered:

It can, but not everyone qualifys for enough to pay for everything. Its a bad idea to live off loan money anyway. Consider getting a part time job and boyfriend should get a full time job as well.

A lot can change between now and your high school graduation. Besides, upperclassmen usually get preferance for on campus family housing. My school had a 3 year wait list....

Juan Said:

michigan colleges that offer family housing and dorms for undergraduates with a baby?

We Answered:

You can find it from the site

Joyce Said:

UTEP School Housing for Family or Married Couples?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Kristina Said:

Do you know any Colleges that has Family Student Housing? and how does that WORK?

We Answered:

One of my friends at UMASS said they have something like that in place. Although I do not believe there is family housing , I do know for a fact that VCU has a daycare. What state are you in?

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