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Student Flats Leeds

Jenny Said:

Things to do in Leeds?

We Answered:

as a leeds lass, well there are plenty of shops, we have the white rose centre, get a no 18 bus at corn exchange, bus station, we have a harvey nicholls store, victoria archade, we have a art gallery, the leeds armouries, lots more have a good time, we have loads of pubs, night-clubs, variety of cafes, resturants,

Jill Said:

Leeds Students. Need Somewhere to Live?

We Answered:

Elsie Said:

i am going to leeds met uni in september. tips please?

We Answered:

It is one of the biggest student cities in England, so it will be easy to make friends.
Leeds and Bradford Airport offers flights to lots of tourist destinations and major cities in Europe. You can also buy an 'inter rail ticket' at Leeds station and tour Europe by train.
I studied at Leeds uni and not the met so I don't know anything about the halls of residence at the met. The best places for going out and living for students are Headlingley which is also a nice residential area, and Hyde Park and Woodhouse which are grungier, and of course the city centre, but Leeds can be quite a blue collar city as well so lots of students don't hang out so much in town.
Good luck I'm sure you'll like it.

James Said:

how many people can stay in double bedroom flat in Leeds?

We Answered:

You need to check if the flat owner will allow this.
This is obvious overcrowding and may not be permitted due to insurance conditions.
A double bedroom is usually one bedroom with a double bed.

Doris Said:

What's The Cost of Living In England?

We Answered:

UK has one of the highest living costs in the world. Let's hope your income as a States-educated teacher will support it...doubtful. If you seek absolute safety- Canada is really the place to be. Even being watched from all angles every day, your safety in the UK is NOT assured. England is abound with opportunists all seeking to get ahead one way or another...its almost like the Wild West in the British Isles!

Try Australia. The economics down under is much more affordable for educators.

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