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Student Flats To Rent

Vickie Said:

My 17 year old son has moved into a student flat,I pay all his ?

We Answered:

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Debra Said:

As a student am I likely to get turned down by landlords who don't target students?

We Answered:

Not necessarily.

Landlords worry that if they rent to students:
(a) their flats will get trashed and
(b) they'll have more difficulty getting rent payments

If (a) happens, you'll never get the flat. If (b) is the concern, some landlords will accept a parental guarantee for rent - ie your parents agree that if you don't pay, they'll be liable for the rent.

It's a marketplace - don't limit yourself to particular areas/ landlords. Anyway, worst that can happen is they say "no" to you.

Marc Said:

How much is the rent for a flat in Thessaloniki for a student?

We Answered:

I think its roughly $300 monthly for a nice place. Thessaloniki is awesome BTW!

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