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Patsy Said:

Correct my writing, please?

We Answered:

With the rapid growth of information technology, the use of computer technology and the Internet is becoming more common in preschool as well as at home. The application of integration of information technology into the preschool classroom can be carried out in the form of multimedia information. Computers may be used to support student learning. When applying information technology into the early childhood learning environment some factors should be considered. A teacher’s knowledge about the technology, software, the way the software is used, and creating an appropriate environment. Parents’ support in the home is also a factor. Can computer usage benefit, cause no effect or be detrimental to the child’s personal growth? What kind of guidelines should be applied to technology within the early childhood curriculum? Can computer usage help children develop better social relationships with peers? (Jones & Selby, 1997).

The purpose of this study is to explore the issues of applying information technology to early childhood education in Taiwan and Australia. The effects of the integration of information technology applied in preschool will be evaluated to look into the outcomes of learning attitude and achievement in preschool. Experiments will be taken setting students of preschool age as research objects; giving courses to two groups, one group integrated with information technology and the other being the traditional group. Research tools such as achievement tests as well as a questionnaire of attitude are used to explore the following aspects;
1. What kind of information technology is suitable?
2. Children’s cognitive and social abilities
3. The influence on child development
4. Teacher’s knowledge about the technology, software and the way to create a proper environment
5. The relationship among children, teacher and parents after applied information technology
6. The influence on learning attitude and achievement on different teaching methods and ability level

The appropriate use of information technology has many implications for early childhood professional development. I have studied computer programming at Woman College of Technology in Leeds England, and I have been working in the early childhood education for several years. Therefore, I have a sound background in information technology and early childhood education. I hope this study can find some guidelines about the way to apply information technology to preschool and how to make children, teachers and parents work together to create an appropriate environment so children can increase their achievement and social abilities in their development

I think thats right now....

Dana Said:

A-Level Students: How did you all do?

We Answered:

BBB - still not good enough to get me into University of Liverpool to study English though. Another three years in Brighton then.....although admittedly there are worse places to be!

Arlene Said:

Kaplan Financial advice?

We Answered:

I am a student at Kaplan. To learn more you can go to On that site there is a number that you can call to talk to someone. I hope this helps

Roberto Said:

I don't have the grades, is it even worth applying?

We Answered:

Of course go for it, there's no harm in trying. Just has a number of other back up plans in mind.

Judith Said:

Please correct my essay?

We Answered:

...more commonly in the well as the home.
The application and integration...
...student learning. When applying... (add period)
environment, and parents' support in the home are just some of those factors. (I suggest adding the ending. Otherwise, the sentence has no verb.)
Can computer usage benefit... (needs a question mark at the end instead of period.)
Identify the part(s) taken from Jones & Selby with quotes. If you paraphrased, then say "A Jones & Selby report states...." or something similar.

Move "The purpose of this study...achievement in preschool" to the beginning.

Number 1 should be a statement like the rest, such as "The kind of technology that is suitable..."

Recheck the name of the college. It must be plural and/or possessive - Women or Women's abilities in their development. I would use in instead of on, but I'm an American, British usage might be different. :)

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