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Student House Brighton

Zachary Said:

How do I pack for a year in the UK?

We Answered:

one black suitcase like the standard square and then the traveling backpack

this will ensure you have one you can bring around (and claim as a carry on) also relive you of hauling something back and forth

also pack very little in-terms of clothes like get one outfit for every situation the english don't change or have that many change of outfits, which is nice for the visitor, but at the same time they are ALWAYS dressed appropriately. But seriously no more than a huge travel pack you find for hikes that will get you on and off trains cheapo flights you need to hop on and off of and of course ONE huge black suit case. You could always use the extra baggage allowance to bring BACK souvenirs.Even for change of seasons again buy an umbrella from rainy london or scarf from the local soccer team with your extra space.

sorry for the capitalization like back and what not there isn't a italized button

Rick Said:

How does council tax work when living with students that dont?

We Answered:

If you are all sharing a flat and there are more than 5 of you, living separately but sharing amenities you are classed as a multi occupancy tenancy. for which you landlord must have a licences. In Multi Occupancy tenancies the owner of the dwelling is liable for the council tax not the tenants, they usually make this up be charging the tenant a slightly higher rent.

Sheila Said:

What should I do from here?

We Answered:

i love it

Thelma Said:

Submitting my short story to be published, more or less detail?

We Answered:

That's a beautiful story.
Maybe instead of saying "When they had looked on the cherry wooded" you could say "When they looked at the cherry wooded", but I can tell we are from different places, and that may be the way you speak over there.

Vanessa Said:

Brighton guest house or B&B .. please tell me good deals?

We Answered:

The St Christopher's Inn (Hostel) its very cheap and right on the seafront opposite the Pier.…

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