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Student House Bristol

Stella Said:

Bristol student housing?

We Answered:

There is a letting agent who specalises in student accommodation -Terry Olpin.

Stephanie Said:

How much does central heating cost?

We Answered:

llike $1,0000000000000000000000000000000000000… dollars or something

Elizabeth Said:

Where do students who study at the University of Bristol live?

We Answered:

In Akbar's Harem

Perry Said:

uk university students electricity charges and water rates?

We Answered:

It all very much depends on how much electricity & gas you use, and how fast you want your internet to be. If you use energy saving lightbulbs and are sensible with your central heating you'll be paying a lot less than other people. It's also worth checking out price comparison sites like to make sure you get the best deal.

Anyway, I reckon somewhere in the region of £200 per person for electricity and gas per year in a 4 bedroom student house. Water is generally a flat rate of about £90 per year for the whole house. Internet, maybe something like £25 a month divided between the four of you.

PS. If you live on campus water, gas and electricity are generally included in your rent. They usually also provide you with internet over the university network - I think they charged me £70 for one year.

Wade Said:

should i get insurance for possesions in my student digs room? am i covered by anyone? + life insurance?

We Answered:

You do need contents Insurance. My son was robbed on the first day in his new digs at Uni and lost everything. Endsleigh do Insurance for students.
You are far too young to think of Life Insurance.

Frances Said:

Parking in Bristol?

We Answered:

if you are parking at a street without any lines then you are fine but make sure it doesnt obstruct anybody's way e.g in front of someone's drive. also, from today there is less chance of ur car getting clamped if you park a little bit carefully as new govt regulation is unveiled for councils countrywide

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