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Student House In London

Kurt Said:

im having trouble finding somewhere to live in south london :'(?

We Answered:

Unfortunately you may have to move out into the outskirts of London, or a bit further out than that i.e. Surrey, to be able to afford a place to live.

Try Right Move -…

The only other option is professionals who own their home and want a lodger- they usually just want one person and it's usually fairly cheap for the lodger. Try newspapers and Gumtree for that.

One final option is student housing. Have you heard of Unite? I lived in one of their halls in my final year. They are about £160 p.week - so still more expensive than you are paying now, but not as bad as private rents which are £200+ per week…

Other than that, keep trying. If your Uni has any kind of forum or housing bulletin, post an ad saying that you want a house share or house on your own. Sometimes, for example, a group of 4 people are ready to move into a house then one person drops out - meaning that they need to find a person to fill the place. This happened to us in our 2nd year and we found someone through our Uni forums.

Good luck; I hope you find somewhere!

xx Emmie

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