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Student House Lancaster

Arnold Said:

Constructive criticism on the beginning of my novel (I'm 14)?

We Answered:

Haha dangg nice, I couldn't write anything like this when I was fourteen.. If I would say one thing to improve on it would be not over-describing everything. To grab a reader's attention you don't need an entire paragraph rambling on about the setting and her makeup. Now I'm a guy also, so the makeup part wasn't really for me lol. But overall very good, and keep it up! If you ever write some more stuff feel free to email me I'd be glad to read it.

Dave Said:

The stimulus went to what!?

We Answered:

The pockets of the rich and the politicians who orchestrated it.

Amber Said:

Need help with low income housing for single working, woman with no kids and a full time student.?

We Answered:

Sell that damn car and get something you can afford. I just helped my daughter with a similar situation. The first thing is a budget and a $400 a month car note doesn't fit. Can the car and find an apartment

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